Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


While every game from now until the end of season are going to be huge, the game on Saturday March 16 (Leeds United v Sheffield United kick-off: 12:30pm) could have a massive say in the final places. Getting nervous already!!!


With wins for Norwich & Sheff Utd already this weekend, Leeds dropped to 3rd but thanks to “Paddy the Irishman” Bamford, they won 1-0 so are back up to 2nd!


Good result today. It’s always a stressful afternoon when Leeds are holding a one goal lead but thankfully they got the win.


Second of two huge wins in a row. However just three league points today which is the same as that available for Reading away on Tuesday. They cannot take their eye off that ball. A win there (hopefully) sets us up for a huge game next Saturday. Win that game and we have at least a five point gap to Sheffield United with a two week gap coming up and only eight games to go. Nerve wrecking stuff!! :worried:


Tonight’s game against Reading is available on “the red button” for those of you who have Sky Q
Kick-off 8pm


Whatcha Reading…


Flying it. 3-0 up and playing terrific football!


Excellent 1st half display, all over them. Took the foot off the pedal a bit in the 2nd half but understandable with Saturday coming up. The job was done at 3-0

Midfield in total control and quite impressed with Bamford, thought he lead the line very well, although he should have scored.

Smart move by Bielsa to take sub Ayling for Dallas as he could/should have got a second yellow card.

Bring on Saturday!! MOT


Anyone old enough to remember the big game against Sheffield United in April 1990, with both teams pushing for promotion? Watched highlights of it (on youtube) for the first time since back then. Would settle for a similar result and finishing league position!!


I am and I’d certainly settle for the same result :+1:


Wasn’t SU we played in second last game that won us the old division one remember the one Scum fans claim they gave us , think we got one of the ugliest goals ever , would settle for that again MOT


It was , but as the saying goes say “they all count” and on the day that ugly goal, was a thing of absolute beauty :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

They won the title in the 2nd last game of the season with a 3-2 win at Sheffield United.


Was at the last game of that season v Norwich , rod wallace scored , that summer I brought the programme to Tolka Park managed to get in the dressing room and get it signed by most of the lads Gary Speed RIP , the SU game if I remember was pre Sky and I am sure I listened to it on the radio


Sky’s deal coincided with the launch of the Premier League.


I worked in the Airport and used to see the team when they’d be flying out , remember one time standing talking to Brian Deane and Tony Dorigo , I heard a voice but couldn’t quite get what was said , but I noticed that Both the players who’d been chatty had suddenly become statue like , then I heard the voice again but this time louder and in my ear , it was Howard Wilkinson and he said in as gruff an accent as you’d ever hear “ I want to talk te players now ■■■■ off” I went home told the wife and she asked “ who you going to follow now “ she never did get sport :joy:


That game was actually due to be on TV, ITV used to broadcast a handful of games back in those days but UTV for some reason, I think there may have been industrial action of some sort involved, didn’t show it in the finish up. I ended up sitting in the car listening to 5 live with the signal coming and going throughout. Great day though…


Disappointing result on the cards here .


Lack of composure in the final third killing us , playing teams off the park means nothing if your not hitting the onion bag


Could have been home & dry by halftime. Rooffe’s finishing was a huge loss

3 points dropped that were there for the taking.


Gutted to lose that, but in truth it should have come as no surprise as we have been susceptible to some very poor shooting and individual mistakes, both of which raised their heads again yesterday to fatally undermine us. Seventeen shots and not one on target speaks for itself. Despite the recent run of excellent form, I’d have taken a draw yesterday before the game started.

In light of the above, the break has come at just the right time. Opportunity to regroup and maybe give injuries time to heal - Pontus would be a huge miss if his injury yesterday was to prove to be long term.

Both Norwich and Sheffield United look to be on a very strong run of form, so we’re depending on them to drop points which will allow us to capitalize. The omens are not good and I would not fancy us in the play-offs. Struggling to be optimistic here.