Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


Good to see the integrity of the game maintained. Who trousers the €200k? Going away gift for some League Exec probably.



Not a Leeds fan, but would love to see her back in the big time!


John Delaney


Huge few weeks coming up, with the home matches against West Brom and Sheffield United, and the away fixture at Bristol City, fast approaching. However before that, it’s QPR away tonight and the sense would be that a win is essential.

As I’m a paid up member of the glass half empty brigade, I’d have to say I have concerns about the future. The loss of Roofe cannot be underestimated and leaves us relying on Paddy Bamford who is injury prone. The team continues to dominate games but cannot put sides away - an example was last Saturday when we indebted to a lucky goal from Alioski to see us over the line against struggling Bolton.

If I can paraphrase an old McEnroe quote, you have to beating the QPRs of this world, and failure to do so tonight could be a very ominous sign for the next few weeks.



If you have Sky, it’s live on the famous “Red” button!

Would agree with all you’ve said Rufus. after so many let downs & false dawns in the past it’s hard not to be in the past it’s hard not to be in the “glass half empty” camp as well but fingers (and toes crossed)



I see what you mean, game is 15 minutes old and they’ve had about 6/7 attempts already. QPR’s defence is a mess, couldn’t clear a ball of phlegm!


And somehow, Leeds are 1-0 down!!!


Christ how did they not score


Final ball very poor but still had enough chances to win, never mind draw. 3 points lost that could be very costly.

Huge game now on Friday night.


Leeds fucking up again surely not :grin::grin::grin:


64% possession and 13 corners to their 2, but they had more shots on goal. We had three or four gilt edged chances but couldn’t make them count. The team simply isn’t good enough and the squad has no depth.

There’s an awful inevitability about what is going to happen over the next couple of months.


Championship is a mind field . Plenty of time for other teams to drop points too.



And I know that in the event of promotion that you @Rufus_T_Firefly will appreciate the sentiment … and truth here …



Walking all over WBA here .
Bamford wouldn’t be a bad addition for Ireland.


No goal drought tonight.

Edit: 4-0 now!


A long, long time since I witnessed such a complete Leeds performance. That was sensational and is in keeping not just with the team, but indeed being a Leeds supporter, that it was produced when we all…welll ‘I’ certainly… thought the game (season) was up.

Hopefully, hopefully, this can inspire the team to similar heights in the remaining eleven games. My fingers are firmly crossed!


That’s grand so, now I can come in here and celebrate QPR’s remarkabl(y lucky)e win the other night that broke the rapid dive down towards a relegation battle! For a few days anyway…


Wipe yer feet…


Top class performance last night, best I’ve see Leeds play in a long time. The quality of play was outstanding and the noise from the supporters was deafening…

Away to Bristol City then Reading up next!!