Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread



What an absolute Lunatic :joy:


Epic levels of anaylising. Go the whole hog , ■■■■ it :joy:


The season for Leeds could all unravel over this fiasco…Jim Whyte and sky sports are a bunch of wan**rs though…hyping this up like he shot a man…I think it more to do that he is from Argentina.


If it’s not Woodgate its Spygate … :roll_eyes:


I think it’s brilliant management personally.


After following this today, it’s no surprise they are top of the league . If there’s no sanctions , the rest of the league should be worried if Leeds can stay some what injury free & fit . He has the whole lot of them sussed out . Perfection.


This is quality :grin:


What a man, dedication to his job.


The man is pure class - we’re lucky to have him.

A mention also for Frank Lampard’s petulant response which was to essentially say ‘meh, everyone does what Bielsa does’. As I wrote elsewhere, that is the equivalent of me saying ‘I play snooker too!’ in response to Ronnie O’Sullivan doing a 147 in under 5 minutes.

It does beg the question though as to why Frank got his knickers in such a twist last week!!


Because he’s a complete cock head?


This looks like a quality signing…



What are they slagging Liverpool for?


Not a Liverpool man but they won champions league in 05 , Uefa cup in 01, fa cups in 92 , 01,06 …


You remind me of a biblical story. Is your name Peter?


Not the first time :smiley:


The Championship really is a competitive division, albeit lacking in quality most of the time.
24th Nov, Hull City found themselves 2nd from bottom after losing 0-2 at home to Nottingham Forest. I think they’ve been unbeaten in the league since then and now find themselves just 4 point off a play-off spot, level on points with Forest.


Barring two late comebacks Leeds would be looking at 1 win in 7 games - more like relegation form.


Spygate taking its toll … spent too much time defending actions and not enough time spying on Stoke!!