Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


Not really - the most optimistic Leeds’ fan is usually pessimistic!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Yes thats what I’m talking about :wink:


Only the big clubs want to win the FA Cup.



Is that Lampard gas-lighting?


Leeds manager has just admitted to it on Sky, says he uses it all the time and it’s his idea!


Love his honesty :joy::joy:


It’s working so far :grin:


I’d say they all do it. Be surprised if it’s not common practice.


It’s fcuking nonsense. Lampard going on about culture etc ffs :joy:. Cheating? Deli Ali? Kane? Sterling? Stop Frank - you lamp …


I do find Frank Lampard going on about morals a little difficult to swallow.


2-0 to Bielsa’s Secret Service! :wink:




Was wondering how the wheels would come off this season. Hes hardly jacking it in, is he?


He’s taking a huge amount of crap over “Spygate” … Should tell them to stuff their inquiry, it’s not like he broke any rule.


Fcuk them is right - self righteous twats. Bielsa bud has a devil set aside for them …


El Loco indeed


Seems he’s defending/explaining his actions over Spygate:

“If you observe something without the authorisation of the people being observed we call it spying and we say it is spying. I can’t say it’s the right thing to do but I’m going to explain that I didn’t have bad intentions or get an advantage”