Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


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Savage! (Not the St Vincents Goalie)


Well the run had to stop sometime I suppose. Hopefully get another going tomorrow adainst Forest. Live of Sky!!

Happy New Year guys!


Many happy returns to all Leeds fans!


Down to 10 men but 2.1 up against Forest !


3.2 forest :neutral_face:


4.2 now , Christ


Still top though!


Any team coming up willl struggle - no real quality there tbh.


Well that was one crazy match…

There’s a break now for the FA Cup, which hopefully will give them time to re-group & get some of the injuries back on the pitch. I’d play the reserves as promotion is all that matters.

Still think the squad is too small and needs possibly 3 reinforcements during the January window.

A goalkeeper who can command the defence, Peacock-Farrell is a good shot stopper but his decision making is dodgy at times.
A strong centre-half, if Cooper or Jansson are injuried/suspended, we’re vulnerable
A goal scorer as well as there’s an over-dependence of Roofe, when he was injured earlier the goals stopped…

On the bad news, Chelsea are reported to be interested in young Clarke & Newcastle considering a bid for Roofe. We can’t afford to lose either.


Agreed, will need a lot of investment … but let’s worry about that in May :wink:


Back to back defeats have started to reawaken old fears of a familiar mid season collapse, so we are entering now a very important transfer window for the Club. We have been undone by a terrible run of injuries, and some bad individual errors and indeed bad luck are beginning to impact. Over the Christmas period, we shipped 10 goals, and but for two stunning comebacks against Blackburn and Villa, we could be conceivably be talking about four defeats in a row.

The loss of Cooper and Berardi at the centre of the defence is having an impact. Phillips has been moved back as a stop gap, which is robbing midfield. We are also suffering from the loss of Bamford up front which is denying a second source of goals. The keeper - and apologies for sounding like a broken record - is becoming a real issue. He was culpable for Forest’s decisive third goal yesterday and I think his hesitancy compounded Forshaw’s error for the first goal. Leeds can also lament some bad luck, as I thought Forest should have been reduced to ten men when Harrison was brought down when clean through. That was a red card all day long.

A new goalkeeper is an absolute priority. Defensive cover is also required to shore up the defence and an attacking option should be considered, given Bamford’s long term injury woes. The good news is we’re still top, with Norwich and WBA also hitting turbulence, and in each of the defeats Leeds dominated with more of the ball, more shots, more shots on goal etc. The next few months are obviously huge and in that context, taking a spill at QPR this weekend with a weakened team, would be far from a disaster.


A good transfer window can be very much also about holding on to the players you do have and are performing well.


Probably need to sign a centre half, it’s disappointing that Coyle/O’Connor haven’t been hauled back and given a chance. Keeper is an issue, can’t see Bielsa change that. Think we’re ok otherwise, thankfully results gone our way last few. We played very well yesterday, and fair play to going all out for it. Undone by a keeper mistake and an offside goal, gallant 10 man effort.


47 years later and the hurt continues.


Better off out of those mickey mouse cups.


Not upset really, with a small squad the last thing Leeds need is another competition such as the FA Cup, with the possibilities of replays.

It’s promotion or nothing and next up is Lamp’s Derby on Friday night!!

MOT :+1:


Agreed 100%. Never going to win the FA Cup. The league is where it’s at and having at least two weekend breaks over the next number of weeks, when we are concerned about a small squad and the pressures put on it by a high pressing game, is absolutely invaluable.


Passing up the chance to play in Europe is silly in my opinion though.


Apologies if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick here but I’m assuming that’s a reference to the FA Cup Winners qualifying for the Europa League?

I don’t think even the most optimistic Leeds’ fan would see an FA Cup success as a realistic prospect.


Are there still optimistic Leeds fans ? Amazing.