Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread




Oh well … back to normal yesterday.

Scraped a 1-1 draw at home to Forest, with a very dodgy goal. (clearly hand-ball)


Still good to snatch it.


Nothing like a good snatch.


You can’t beat a good snatch … :grinning::wink:


So the yo-yo season continues, as Leeds go back to the top on goal difference, with a good away win at Wigan, who were unbeaten at home this season. Leeds played well and controlled the game.

Big game next Saturday evening away to West Brom.


Great to get the win, particularly as we were a goal down, but for all of our dominance, passing, pretty patterns etc. we still only got over the line with a bad error by their keeper. Definite trend developing of dominance but can’t reflect that on the scoreboard and we end up dropping points - Brentford and Forest at home and Blackburn away to name but three.

The squad remains light and there are players who are simply irreplaceable. Would love to see Bamford back, but that is unlikely to happen until the New Year. Wonder if there will be much investment at the turn of the year?


This has been floating around today
Hunting in packs :grin:


Unfortunately we don’t know how to execute a fast break. :unamused: At the moment Wigan are headed towards a relegation battle.


Is that ballroom dancing parlance? What’s the partner’s name?


Oops I used a basketball term instead of saying counterattack.


Understandable - basketball and football are indistinguishable.


Thierry Henry - 2009.


Ohm sounds like you enjoy shooting some hoops? Oops! Nothing personal Celtic fans :scream: :grimacing::woman_facepalming: