Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


Leeds used to have a big rivalry with Doncaster, due to the fact that both places claim to have the best quality lamb, but ever since the Doncaster disaster the Leeds Utd FC chairperson got a beef with Doncaster and decided that Leeds would rotherham.


I’d Rotherham than me.


D’oh!! Just read Al’s post!


Unless you have evidence for that Al, then you haven’t a leg to stand on.


Still unbeaten.

Poor @25AliveOh must be afraid to talk about QPR. McLaren must be due for the chop.


Overall a decent result last night, particularly given that the 1st choice centre-half pairing of Jansson & Cooper were missing, which made the defence vulnerable at set pieces and removed an attacking element as well

Fought back well and was impressed at the speed of reaction by Bielsa at going 1-0 down. Thought the keeper could’ve done a bit better for Swansea’s 1st goal but he made some excellent saves late in the game.

Impressed with Shackleton, played well with a lovely run and assist for Roofe’s goal.


3-0 win away against Delia “Lets be having ya” Smith’s Norwich & top of the table on goal diff…

Happy Days, lets enjoy them while we can


Just saw the goals. Great to see Klich starting to fufill the potential he had at PEC Zwolle. Call-up to Poland national team I’d expect.


Darina Allen?


Sorry … should have said Delia Smith, she’s a major stockholder there. She took to the pitch at halftime a few years ago to get the crowd going and … well have a look


I remember it well.
She was Chair of the board, also, wasn’t she?
Ed Balls is the current Chairman. I hope he’s better at that that at being a politician.



I can only hope and pray, get it done quick. But who then, 'Arry or someone like that again?


Well the bubble burst last night. Beaten at home 2-0 by a team reduced to ten men for about an hour. At least it was in the League Cup.

Important they bounce back against Boro on Friday night … a “Top of the Table” clash, been a long time since I wrote that :grinning:


Surely it was a weakened team as distinct from a weekend team.


Just a heads-up, Friday night’s Yorkshire derby Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds Utd is live on Sky (7.30pm kick off)


Might check it out tonight , firmly back on the bandwagon !


Played very well and it’s a draw away from home but crying out for a goal scorer. Created enough chances to win by 3 or 4 goals, really felt like.2 points dropped

That said both goal that were scored were top quality. entertaining game.

Hull is next on Tuesday (for those with Sky you’ll get it via the “red” button)


Great game v Brentford just finished. Referee was appalling and gave Brentford a penalty for a dive! Finished 1-1 and a fiery affair to boot! Leeds brought on a kid who looked very useful and he was booted around the park and the man who did it should have been sent off! Instead he was substituted and Leeds had a man sent off at the end! Belter of a game!


Brentford aren’t a bad team. They were much the better team in the first half. One of their players on the bench will be facing a ban, I reckon - sneaky head butt.


Great game alright, again the lack of a finisher hurt Leeds, hopefully with the international break now it will give Leeds time to get a few of their injured players back.

The decision for penalty was a shocker, the guy should have been booked as @Rochey said above, although what Cooper was doing when he put the Keeper under pressure has to be asked, he should have put his foot through the ball. He could have equalized later but it was a poor header.