Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


There was talk we were going to get ‘Umbrella Man’ at one stage, and it did not fill me with excitement!

McClaren has a history of one or two bizarre interviews IIRC, but he’ll have to go some to surpass Bielsa’s post match interview with Sky. Did anyone see it? :crazy_face:


Just give us the damn trophy now. Better still kick out one of those shit teams like Cardiff or Burnley or Watford and let super Leeds back where we belong. If we wait til next year we’ll prob pass Man U going the other way.


How has Alioski been so far?


No idea. Couldn’t be arsed watching their games.


Recorded the game but hadn’t watched it … was otherwise occupied between 5 & 7 this evening :rofl:

Will watch during the week/


Oh! See he got a goal and assist playing out on the left. The Macedonians will be happy.


I don’t think there is a nicer thing in the world than a happy Macedonian …


They all live basically on the equator.


Except maybe a tidy Brazilian


I think someone should say Mac


You never fluff your lines.


This is getting seriously worrying…I mean, optimism may at long last be justified…or maybe I’m falling into the trap again…:worried:

I’ve seen both matches in their entirety and they are playing great football - high press, pressure game - when teams get near the Leeds’ goal, they are swarmed around, dispossessed and there are lightning quick counter attacks.

Concerns - still relatively small squad and reliance on a few vital individuals - Saiz being the main one. Still and all though, they’re playing great stuff, it’s great to watch and it is Leeds!! :sunglasses:


At least you don’t have to worry about being relegated.


Fixed your post for you! :expressionless:


I wish someone would post the Leeds goals here.


Goals?? There’s just one … to get promoted :wink:



Another win today, that’s 3 from 3 now … scary stuff!!

live on Sky on Tuesday night … reason for a sneaky pint on a work night :wink:


Do Leeds actually consider Rotherham rivals?


Yes - ever since the 1712 Battle of Littleknob Common when the Mayor of Rotherham threw the Leeds Mayor’s mace in the local river and then ran away with his wife things have been very spicey to say the least.