Major games over the years: A review


I ve been walking on eir for years


Did Charlie Redmond figure at all that year ?
Think i remember him running onto the pitch at the final whistle .


Was he not sent off but kept playing on as he didn’t realise he was sent off?


It was a terrible game but the conditions wind especially cannot be underestimated how it influenced the game.

Just wondering does the new Croke park configuration lessen the impact of gale force winds, cant remember another game like that in recent years.


Talking about '83.


Was it ‘95 then?


Crazy that a team reduced to 12 players still hung on .I know galway had 1 sent off , but that’s still a 2 man advantage.


Yeah , '95 . Honest mistake guvnor :wink:


He did get sent off a bit in fairness !


I would imagine so given that the Canal End isn’t open at the back anymore


He was involved in ‘83, bit of Bromance with O’Leary…


Im actually thinking maybe of the replay in PUC where he runs on the pitch to celebrate with the players .


No … waking …