Major games over the years: A review


I think we can thank Gilroy for alot of that . Think Bernard is the only one who celebrates his goals , but we’ll allow for that , he can’t keep anything in when he scores goals .


It’s just Der Proczess! “Proczess macht frei”… Speaking of that famous/notorious manner of speaking/modus operandi, it was pointed out by the analysts before the final this year that Dermo had rebelled against ‘it’ and undermined it. His latest (of inferred many) transgressions was to have been the only one wearing a different, and “showy” top during the warm-up.
COR went as far as to say that Gavin must’ve “banished” him and that we wouldn’t be seeing him at all in the final. :smirk:
Following on from that, when he came on, Carney or Moloney, it must be said, came out with “so Gavin is having to turn to Connolly in Dublin’s time of need”, as if to say he was only used out of absolute necessity.
There’s no way any of that sort of shite would have been said about a player or coach from another county. It was Premiership soccer-like stuff. Oh they would love it if they could portray one of our team as the wild and troubled SOAP opera ego of the GAA world.

Jaysus, if one of ours had done what Dorothy did at the end of the 2014 final, or Galvin on the podium with all his tats in 2009, and some of Kennelly’s carry-on that day and in the following weeks, Dumpy and Kabbage along with others would be having a field-day about how Dublin don’t represent the true spirit of the Association and greatness in Irish sport or some such, the opposite to what they pulled this year of course., in the absence of anything at all to go on.


I’ve a picture hanging on my sitting room wall of BB with his boots off standing on the podium .

Not as bad as dancing a jig though !


Not even the same level. Sure jaysus his socks are still pulled up!


Seeing as the 2017 All-I Snr Football Final thread is still locked, I’m posting this here. Just watched the Small/Boyle/Vaughan incident again. Boyle turns directly into Small, with no time for either to really avoid it. Small does not hit him full on as he would have if it was a shoulder to shoulder, rather he remains braced for the collision, as you would, and it is a heavy enough collision because Small was committed with the shoulder braced, and Boyle runs full pelt more or less right into him, and clearly no malice by Small. He collides into Boyle’s chest.

Here’s the first thing: Boyle goes down and clutches his face, then looks around. Sneaky hoor. And in fact on further viewing Boyle does not appear to try to avoid the already committed Small, who he could not fail to have seen as he turned. (this doesn’t excuse JS for being over-committed and risky with the challenge, a trait of his at times. However I do love the fact that McCarthy’s reaction to Small’s shoulder on Boyle is an immediate congratulatory low five! :grinning:).

Then DV comes in as if to square up to JS, but raises his knee into Small’s groin, and then at the same time the sneaky arm up into the side of his head with no warning. Finally he claims to the ref that he only shouldered Small !! (I actually think DV wanted to do something to get a further reaction from JS, but either overdid it, or didn’t expect Small to go down so convincingly).

I think what this shows apart from the obvious is that the two Mayo lads had made a half-time plan to get Small sent off.

But Donie had to run to the jacks before they finalised it.


Academic now, but if the game had been drawn, Small would have been available for the replay but Vaughan would have had a one-game ban, yes?


That’s how it would be, until the CCCCCCCCC reprieve at the 11th hour.


I think Small has to be careful nonetheless when he’s down a yellow . Could have cost us.

i think the mayo lads ( with coaching from tony mcentee ) worked very hard on bringing cynical play into their game . I also would say they practiced hard on killing the game off with time wasting if they got ahead in the game late.
I don’t think they are very good at it though . And re:time wasting, when they did go 2 up with 8 mins to go they had no time to even implement cynical play as we owned the ball and kicked 3 magnificent scores in 4 or 5 minutes. I’d estimate we had over 75 percent of the ball between the 62nd and 78th minute


They did that in the 2012 semi-final, it was the worst cynical stuff I’ve seen in all the years of blanket defence etc. Worse by far than Dublin’s cynical efforts to hang on in the 2015 drawn game.


I was just doing something most of us haven’t done much the last 3 years, and I’m not talking about marital sex life. I watched the 2015 All-I Final back again, and not just Al B’s great clinching point. Two or three incidents stood out late in the game.

Gooch complained bitterly to the umpires about something P.McMahon allegedly did to him (looks no more than jostling). The umpires call the ref who consulted and then gave McMahon a yellow.

Shortly afterwards replays clearly showed Lyne dragged CK back as he ran out for a pass, umpires and ref did nothing (probably because CK then got involved in wrestling with Lyne).

Shortly after that MDMA wins a 45 off Lardarse Sheehan and claps the (clearly correct) decision (which Sheehan protested), the sourpuss fathole gives MDMA a sneaky dig in the guts. Straight after that Sheehan has two bad wides (Cheerio Bryan, many great memories of your IC career Vs Dublin). (Just a shame CLuxton didn’t stick over the long free just after).

Next one was the Dorothy incident where the ref seemed to have given a free out but changed to a throw ball after Donkey claims he was eye-gouged. From that Dublin lose concentration and Young gets a goal chance, so it was a major decision to have thrown that ball up.

After that Kev Mac looks to have (very deservedly) won a certain 45 but is ruled in Kerry’s favour. And then D. Walsh charges straight into a Dublin back and wins a free from which Kerry got a point. Almost identical to an incident where O’Gara charged a bit earlier and was given as a free out.

All this stuff makes me laugh when I hear about opposition players and coaches complaining about referees after games against us.

Just to add, the 2017 league final was some game looking back on it, played at championship pace and intensity. Kerry got copious soft frees in the second half.


We’ve been the victim of some horrendous decisions over the years. But one of the (admittedly few) downsides of winning as many All Ireland’s as we have, is that the bad decisions that go against us, are rarely highlighted to the degree that they are remembered long term. We won the game & that is all people focus on. But the Kerry’s & the Mayo’s will screech long & hard about the penos/frees/opposition red/black cards they were denied, as they can blame losing the game on them. So it all feeds into this narrative of pro Dublin refs & even the neutrals fall for it hook, line & sinker. It’s bloody maddening.

They’re bloody quick to have a go at Joe McQuillan, David Gough etc when they lose. But what about Michael Shields clear as day pick up off the ground in the '13 Cork quarter final? As blatant a penalty decision as you’ll ever see. Or Cluxton being pushed into his own net by Domino Joe from Fermanagh & the resulting goal being allowed stand? All brushed over as unimportant & not worth focusing on, as we won the games comfortably. On and it goes. T’wud drive ya nuts !


The worst challenge in that match was kev Mac getting pushed into the goal post at the hill. It was something I only noticed in the rte documentary on all Ireland day a few months later. Shane enright was responsible I think. Very little furore over it probably cause Mac avoided injury.


15 semi vs Kerry when Young r O’ Mahoney tried to take Philly out with full on shoulder to face & cheston cusack stand sideline. Philly bounced straight back up & Kev Mc got his revenge with Dermo’s cracking point at the end. Kev’s tackle shown over & over & nothing said about 1st incident. Selective coverage by media.


I assume you mean 2016 semi-final?

I watched the 2015 final again last night.
Flynn had a brilliant second half. With more and more players dropping off through injury, if we could get 20 minutes of Flynn, somewhere near his best, in key games this year, it would be a God-send.
Bernard - not a lot went right for him (due to the conditions) but he ran and ran, tirelessly.
Johnny Cooper was brilliant on James O’Donohoe. JO’D did get a couple of points off Cooper in the first half but it was a case of the opportunities being given on a plate to JO’D because Cooper was covering other danger.
As for Martin Carney and Ger Canning, they were nearly wetting themselves early on when one or two of Cluxton’s kickouts were going astray. They were going on about how ruffled and irked he seemed to be getting. Next thing, he wanders up and nervelessly lands a free over the bar from almost 50 metres.


Found highlights of Dublin v Cork 1983 on YouTube last night, drawn game & replay.
Mullins still my all time favourite, but Jebus Anton O’ Toole could play.
Tommy Conroy scored a point in first half of drawn game, reckon he was 30 meters out but he made it look like a tap over the bar. Effortless.
& Barney’s goal to equalise in the drawn game, still my best memory of Hill 16 mayhem.


Loved Joe Mc’s goal in the replay


I used to work with a guy who was a club teammate of Anton O’Toole, way, way back in the early part of his career. He (and a few other teammates) couldn’t believe it when Heffo showed up at a couple of their games to be told it was AO’T that he was checking on - they all thought he was an average club player.
I’m glad AO’T proved Heffo right, many times over.


Damn straight still my greatest Dubs moment. Til Maccers goal Vs Kerry in the semi-final in 2013. But still I can’t say that it matched the “get out of jail” miracle of that goal, in that game, and the overall crazyness of that All-I winning summer. The coolness of the move and the goal was the thing too. Cork had us beat that day.


I got the DVD of the 1983 trilogy (Cork x 2 & Galway(, was just slightly too young to remember it all. Cork looked fantastic for all those that went, fingers crossed we draw Cork away in the Super 8s and we can pack Páirc de Frank Murphy out in July!


A few minutes either side of half time v Offaly changed the season. Goals from John caffrey and joe mc shattered Offaly and turned a young team into all Ireland contenders. Some turn around from getting hammered the previous year by same team.