Lifetime Dog License


ah i’m only kidding.
When he was pup he was outside up until Nov 2010, we had a utility room in the house in Galway so left him in there, bed beside the radiator. there was no issue with him in the house so generally left him in after that.

House in Dublin has no utility room so the mut has free reign on the chairs and couches down stairs this time of the year.


We bring our dog in every night and he sleeps in a crate. Gets let out 1st thing every morning.


You lads know it’s very un-hygienic also illegal to let to let your dogs poo on the street, in the park & on pitches & not picking it up.
When I bring our little boy’s out, our first rule is “watch out for dog poo”. It is not only dogs out on their own that leave the poo behind. Dog owners can be too lazy to cleanup after their pooch.
Fellas who set up pitches here will tell you, after putting nets and flags up, they then need to walk around pitch looking for poo and glass.


Always pick up after himself . Is there signs up where the pitches are . I know one pitch out my way that has recently been locked up & no dog walking signs around .


Dogs should not be eating glass. Then it wouldn’t be in their poo …

It’s not laziness either - it’s pure ‘couldn’t give a sh1te about anyone else’ Irishness … right up there with begrudgery …


We always pick up after our dog when he is out on his walk. Have seen plenty of owners that don’t though.


What I notice is it’s a case if no one sees the dog having a shit they don’t pick it up , see it all the time .


This is exactly it, and most that you challenge on it would become aggresive. Have had it on a few occasions, even with the kids with me. I live on the main street and there is always sh1t all up and down the street. I was walking her the other night, my bitch, I mean my dog, yea my dog and she stopped outside a shop that I had a run in with the owner before, right at the front door, of a fairly fancy shop too. Away with her business she went. Now it was around 9pm, dark, no one around, I thought about it for a minute, will I, but said no. I’d probably be the one that walked in it on the way home!