Lifetime Dog License


Late to the discussion here (understatement).

There is a fantastic book called ‘the dog whisperer’ tells you how to train your dog with minimal effort and why you do the things to change their habits. Basically you have to adopt the pack mentality and teach your dog that your head of the pack and the dog is not high in the hierarchy of the pack.

It’s very good and worked a treat on our old dogs that we used to have. They were impeccably behaved animals. It’s also brilliantly interesting as to how a dogs mind works!


Must have a goo at that . My boy is behaving a bit better now , settling with age thank God but he’s spoilt rotton which has him ruined in some regards .I’ll miss it when he’s not tearing the place up tbh , he’s some craic :joy:


Please don’t take Cesar Millan (the dog whisperer)'s advice for gospel. Although some of his techniques are good, he does get his fair share of criticism, saying that some of his methods are cruel and inhumane.

A quick google will return some articles on him:


His book was reccomended to me by our vet, who I trust implicitly and who’s advice I’d take over a bunch of loons from a country that just voted in Donald Trump!!!


My dog turns the telly off when he comes on


Head of the Pack? Ha! After the baby, the toddler, the dog, the missus, the rubber duckies and the teddies I come in about 19th in the pack!


It’s America that made him popular sure. I’d say he’d be thought less of in Europe.


Who? Trump?


I guess both


Guys , any suggestions for what to do with a dog who normally sleeps out in his kennel at night but to bring him in for the cold weather this week . Just in regards to his toiletry needs :laughing:



Let him out frequently, before bed and first thing in morning. Also, we noticed if the dog started pacing the floor, it was a sure sign it needed to use the facilities!!!


I hear as well they hold it in til the morning but is this a bad thing . Would it be good putting down newspapers?


how old is the dog ?

A general rule of thumb is that a puppy can hold it for as many hours as she is months old, plus one–for a three-month-old pup, that’s four hours.


Three years old this summer


should be fine so , let the dog out last thing at night and maybe get up that bit earlier.

my mother in law put paper down for the dog for a few years and the dog pissed on the paper each night without fail.

I’d chance it without paper for the night.


Yeah , gonna start tonight , seen some sad news on my FB today so not taking any chances !


First night a success , no accidents !


i’m leaving my dog outside tonight - i let him out the front to go for a sniff and a piddle - took himself off on a nice walk this morning , 10 minutes waiting for him to come back to the house.


Yeah will see how it goes with the weather forecast tonight . Happy with the trial run last night .