Lifetime Dog License


I have a Cavailleir King Charles , anyone who has one probably has the same problem (well one of many)
They are like Forest Gump if you leave them off leash . Gone in a straight line never to come back.
They would go off with anybody who pets them.
Mine got out from back garden last week and I eventually found her 3 hrs later happily strolling along on a leash with another dog walker who found her.
With not a bother in the world.


Do I need one of these licences for the ex wife or is a muzzle enough?


You’ll need both




Beeko if she didn’t get one for you she could be accused of being anti muzzle him …:dizzy_face:


She never gave a shi’ite, to be honest.


Some people just aren’t of a Sunni disposition


Very slightly off topic here but got the dog “fixed” on Monday . Poor little guy whinning a lot and not a lot I can do for him . I’ve been assured he’s not in pain but the cone is driving him mental . Any suggestions to make things a little easier for him ? He has another 8 days of this to go through . Will it ease up in a couple of days , this is day 3 of 11 :confused:


He may be allergic to vanilla? Try strawberry or some other flavour?

Ok … sorry … I’m off …


I remember getting our lady “doctored” when she was 9 months old. Oddly, it was the quietest week ever of having her around the house as she just went into a depressed state while the cone was on!


Ah the poor little divil, was he giving you trouble that you decided to get it done? Sure you could have let him get it away a bit a few times before you sorted him. Put it like this, how would you feel if someone took you and got you fixed, I’d say you would be whinning for a few days too!!

On the same note I have 6 month old bitch, we had her booked to get the job done yesterday but pulled out, ohhh matron, at the last minute because we decided to maybe let her have one litter, which is supposed to calm them down a lot. So how do you go about getting a good mate? Is there Tinder for dogs or something?


Yep definitely a bit of a sulk setting in :confused:


Was the wife’s idea . I didn’t want it to be done . I can handle him but at times he’s too much for her . He’s very strong and she can’t walk him so hoping this might calm him a bit . Yep understand what he might be going through and been well pissed off about it . Its kinda like having a baby , he can’t tell me what’s bothering him when he’s crying .


Don’t know whether or not I am muted by you, Harper :wink: but it’s the spaying that will calm her down more, more so than having a litter. Spaying reduces their hormones. It slows down their metabolism also, so feed any spayed/neutered dog a little bit less from thereon. A bitch should be let have one season (period) before being spayed, also. The spaying should not take place too soon after being in heat nor too close before her next season. And, in reality, all dogs and bitches should be neutered/spayed unless they are being kept for breeding. “Being done” leaves them less likely to get illnesses such as cancer, etc.


Our last dog, maybe 8 years ago was a loon. Collie/Husky cross. You could bring him for a 3 hour walk and then once you get home he woudl find a way to get out and be gone for a day or 2 until someone found him and rang us. Usually outside a restaurant or chipper! We got him done on advice that it would slow him down. It did, for about a week while he had the cone on the noodle, then back to the same. Luckily a woman that found him one day out wandering had just lost a dog which was one of a pair of best mates and the surviving dog was depressed. She asked could she take him so after inspecting her house with the 6 foot walls we agreed and they are still living happily ever after!

Dont know how to mute yet on the new site…

We will defo get her spayed but are still considering letting her have one litter. People stop us in the streets asking what breed she is, cocapoo, Cocker Spaniel/Poodle cross, perfect for a family with kids as they dont grow big and dont shed the hair either.


@Harper so when he returned to himself did any of his behavior change . That’s what I’m concerned about , I want him to be who he was before hand .


No, he was till the same mad baxstard as before, if not worse. We put up a fence out the back to stop him escaping, came home one day after a match and he had chewed a perfect circle in the fence and got out. It was like prison break! Brought him to training classes at the back of the airport and they said he was too clever, he just wants to do his own thing and not be told what to do


Yeah I’m guessing ours is the same , very intelligent but at the same time plays by his own rules :joy::joy:


They never really calm down, we have a 9 year old Cocker spaniel and you’d swear she was a puppy the way she goes around the place. She has no spatial awareness either as our little fella is almost walking and she pays no attention to him as she barrels down the hallway at a million miles an hour while he is crawling or standing.


Ya gotta love them all the same :grinning:, be lost without him !