Leinster SHC SF 2016, Dublin v Kilkenny, O'Moore Park Sat Jun 11 @ 7pm


We now have Trollier, Plunkett David Treacey forced to win ball in our half back line???


We cannot persist with this set up in 2017


the players we have are not up to it. You in particular can keep hiding behind the charade of blaming the manager.

It will not change the fact that the Dublin forwards like Dillon, Plunkett etc do not have the technical level of skill to play the likes of Kilkenny… How any times did a Dublin forward mis-control the ball? Are you seriously telling me that in their mid 20’s these guys are going to have a Road to Damascus moment and suddenly start doing things they never have?

Treacy is an in and out player. Darragh O Connell is too physically weak for this level. Mc morrow is another sunshine hurler. Great when we are winning by 10 points but doesn’t have it against the top teams when he’s under pressure.

To find replacements we had to go back to Oisin Gough who just doesn’t have the pace for this level. And his replacement is a 33 year old? That’s where we are at. Mc Caffrey, Dotsy etc - great servants but at elite level they don’t have the speed for this level.

All any manager can do is blood the younger lads and hopefully in 5 years or so we’ll have a good side again. At the moment we haven’t the players.

If I was going to criticise the management it would be that they didn’t change the whole half forward line after 25 minutes. How any of them stayed on the pitch after half time is beyond me.

Only shining light was O Donnell. Absolute superstar this kid is. Haven’t seen a Dublin hurler as good as him since Conal Keaney. Absolute top player.


I am with this man


His type of game doesn’t really work anyway, it is only good enough to beat so so teams. Hopefully this is Cunningham’s last year and we can get motoring next year.


Me too. Whatever else you might say about the management it is clear that we need all of our best players playing. If they won’t play in this set up then we have to ask ourselves what we are at.


Without ball winners in half forward line, what do you suggest he does? Short puck outs work if you keep opposition honest by using the long one. Interested to know what your tactics would be


Adios Ger Cunningham. Puck out strategy a joke. Destroyed. No plan B. Cats are not great. We are dreadful.


I think the team as selected and positioned is dreadful. But they are capable of more with a decent manager.


I am not sure Chad what Alanoc would answer to the question you posed, but my answer would be to select different half forwards and not fall out with the good ones you have.


Unfortunately Conal isn’t one of them.


Kilkenny will win the AI this year with a bit to spare too. I’m waiting for this list of out in the cold hurlers.

I suspect I’ll be waiting. You could put Brian Cody managing that team and it will never eradicate the lack of execution of some of the most basic skills of the game.

Puckout’s were hit long, short, sideways, backways- into the car park - we couldn’t win any of them.


Hugely disappointed, we expanded so much energy going toe to toe with kk in the first half, flat in the second and the technical ability of a lot of the players shown up. Is Corcoran really the best replacement defender we have? Sutcliffe and Kearney badly missed to win ball in half forward line, we’re going backwards…


Tactical a shambles tonight Dublin need all their best hurlers playing to compete #changeneeded #dublinarebetterthanthis

The tweet from keaney after the game


Some tweet by keaney


So it is not to be cunningham. In 2017 Who would take the job


Damning comment by Keaney - didn’t hold back


The game pretty much went to script for the simple reason that we don’t have the players. Yet. Cunningham is building for the medium term which is a pretty brave thing to do given the likes of the over reaction on forums such as this.

Riddle me this- aside from Danny, which player should’ve been on the panel tonight?

Keaney should really cop on and retire with a bit of dignity.

On the plus side I thought the young lads, particularly odonnell and Barrett, were excellent. They will form the core of the team for the next ten years.

We’re simply not good enough- if Cody was managing us the result wouldn’t be that much different- anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.


Hard to disagree with Keaney there in fairness. Very disappointing display.


100 percent agreed. certain posters have their own agenda. And certain former players do too. Danny Sutcliffe is the only player outside the panel who would add significantly to the team. Nobody else would.

We just don’t have the hurlers. People talking about Plan B’s? You could run the number of plans down to the letter z and it still wouldn’t stop some of the errors their tonight. We’re so thin on talent up front it’s scary. They’ve got to blood the likes of Treacy Jnr, Barrett- I’d for Eoin Conroy.

This is the dying embers of Daly’s team and a new team is forming. But it will take 5 years. As regards future managers I’d imagine either of the minor or u21 managers will step up. Cunningham is going to see zero silverware with this team but at least he’d blooded half the future of the team instead of indulging former players who just want to see their mates picked