Leinster SHC SF 2016, Dublin v Kilkenny, O'Moore Park Sat Jun 11 @ 7pm


I was referring to the madness he infused them with to win the AI. That was so crazy (and a bit lucky) that it can’t be repeated and hasn’t been.


Question. If this, and it could be, is a tight game have Dublin enough leaders to dig in and pull us through? Kilkenny certainly do


oh right, helped in no small part by tipp and kilkenny falling away that year, his record since has been pretty awful.


Ok, so same chance you gave the U21s.


Team named, pretty much as you’d expect. Dotsy @14, schutte & Dillon in the corners.


Jackie Tyrell only there because of injuries, Shane Prendergast and new lad who was playing in his place did cruciate in training last week. Paul Murphy carrying injury… Michael Fennelly centre forward to nullify Rushe… Larkin flying in local championship… Seems like 6 months in Lebanon stood to him as complete break has reinvigorated him.


Went to Portlaoise in 2012 fully expecting Dublin to beat Kk and we got our arse handed to us. Went down to Portlaoise in 2013 (first day) and expected a hiding after two poor performances against Wexford in the previous round and we should have won. Went to Portlaoise in 2013 (second day) thinking that we missed our chance first day. That ended up being one of my best days as a Dublin fan. This time I have no idea what to expect. We were good in patches against Wexford on an awful night. The puckouts have improved but we still need plan b. We have a full forward line who want goals and can get goals, something we have lacked in recent years. We have players from the half back line up who can all take scores from distance if our full forward line is not on top. Defensively we are good, big strong half back line and a terrier like full back line. Still have concerns about a long ball in between the full back line and keeper after seeing Dooleys tendency to rush out off the line into a crowd when not required. Not sure what to expect from Kk. Could be a backlash from the league semi or more of the same? I think Reid will go in full forward and they will go for goal from the off. If we can keep a clean sheet for the first 15mins we can drive on. If all 15 lads bring their A game and our puckouts are on form I think we will take them. But I am going to sit on the face and go for the draw :slight_smile:


Watch out for bolger from the bench also bergin who is playing great in club hurling and I think is the first player ever brought back into a panel by Cody. No worries over jackie expecting a big game from him


Dublin (SHC v Kilkenny): Conor Dooley; Eoghan O’Donnell, Cian O’Callaghan, Oisin Gough; Shane Barrett, Liam Rushe, Chris Crummey; Darragh O’Connell, Johnny McCaffrey; Daire Plunkett, Niall McMorrow, David Treacy; Mark Schutte, David O’Callaghan, Eamonn Dillon.

I wonder will we start with that 15? Or will we see O Dwyer in for Plunkett? Daire has pace but Ryan has brawn. Mark Schutte needs to earn his corn after a slow start to the year.


This is all Kilkenny’s to lose really. The only way they will lose is if they are not in a good place this year. That applies against any team, not only Dublin. I don’t think that will be the case for ever, but for the next two years they will only be beaten by their own mental attitude. After that though, it could be all change.

But… Dublin have a chance. Because they have Rushe, Dillon and Shutte and one or two more, they have quality. Possibly / probably not enough, but I would never underestimate human spirit.


Unfortunately Paul Schutte out injured. May not be back for a while.


Best of luck to all the players today. Don’t think that Dublin team will start. Can’t see us getting within 6 points with current setup but hopefully I’m wrong. Looking forward to it.


Might be my rusty memory, but I can think of only 3 players on today’s starting line-up who started our previous win over Kilkenny in Portlaoise. Big turnover!
It might also be the late night last night, but I have a bad feeling about this evening.


For me this is the one that Cunningham stands or falls on. If his way works or is in the process of working we should be somewhere between winning or up to 6 or 7 point loss. If it is not working, we will be over a 10 point loss. A lot of careers will have then been sacrificed to have not made any progress.

The league game against KK was a worry, the game plan didn’t work. But you would have to think that because of that, it will have been tweaked. Big day!


When they named the team I said we’d win . So you’re not factually correct there .


Rubbish in my opinion . This is the game he gets a pass on in my view . If we win he should get an additional 5 year contract
Shot to nothing tonight . We are in with the limericks , Clare’s and galways

Likes of Kilkenny and tipp on paper have way too much natural talent for us .

We’re having a good year so far and detest tonight doesn’t change that . Losing on Wednesday night would


Would the rain be suiting us? A slippy fast surface? Might suit our front men?

Anyway we’ve talked and talked now it’s here. All the best to Ger and the lads. I give us a chance here but all we can ask for is that for 70 minutes our lads give us an honest nights work and leave nothing on the pitch. We’ve had some terrible hiding something from these down the years, not tonight lads not tonight. If we’re to lose let it be with heads held high and them knowing they had to be at there brilliant best to beat us. Let this be no stroll for them.

I’d say they have some doubts about themselves now let’s feed of that and get in there faces and make them doubts there reality.

Good luck boys…COME ON DUBLIN


Positive of that is we shouldn’t be lacking in appetite. A good number of these lads have been waiting for a number of years to get their teeth into a championship tussle against the best.

Who knows what’ll happen but I’d be disappointed if we’re not within striking distance with 15-20 mins to go. GAA Go have a 25% discount running currently for those abroad who might want to catch it through ‘official’ channels.

Best of luck to Ger & the lads. COYBIB!


Have a good feeling about this… God knows why


Hope you are right, stranger things have happened!