Leinster SHC SF 2016, Dublin v Kilkenny, O'Moore Park Sat Jun 11 @ 7pm


Nolan, Lambert and Carton are all gone because of Cunningham and while two of them may be arguable it is beyond belief, considering our current woes, that Nolan is not there. Carton it seems to me was dropped because he got roasted at full back, which is not his position, against Galway last year. To my mind all of them might have something to offer as subs. Certainly having them on the squad to help blood some of the younger lads would do no harm. Nolan might even still be a starter in my view.

And to say he’s building a team for the future, considering he brought back the likes of Gough and Plunkett seems to be gilding the lily just a little.

Beyond that there are question marks over a couple of other players that remain to be resolved.

We are not united going forward and that’s a fact. Even if Sutcliffe was the only one missing it is unconscionable that our best player is not playing for the county.


I am actually not insinuating that some_thing witty. I can’t remember how I phrased it, something like players being missing for ‘variety of reasons’ I think. I was arguing our skills shortage is not as lacking as it seemed last weekend, if you take out some of our best guys, the skill level will drop. That is was the main point I was making.

Disaffected players is a separate (older) argument. I personally think we would have been a better team with Sutcliffe and Carton involved. I also think, and this can’t be backed up as it is opinion (but neither can the converse), that Keaney had at least another year in him and may have stayed if he had liked the set up better. I think Nolan has the longest puck out of the three keepers involved and it may bave been interesting to see the ball hit extra long. Kelly is injured, but there are also issues (which I suggested months ago on the old forum). If the manager wants to make all those changes, good luck to him. But implicit in all that is that it brings improvement. I don’t think it has.

But that second point is multi-layered, and nuanced and all sort of things. So, with respect, I am not really getting into a debate about it, because a) it is opinion and there are counter opinions and that is great - but long term it can’t actually go anywhere, just an exchange of opinions and that has been done. b) While I don’t think Cunningham is doing a good job, especially on man management issues, the logical conclusion to that debate is that his head is called for - and I am not sure if that is the answer (I would prefer a change in methodology), but also internet forums aren’t the place for calling for the head of amateur GAA people. (And in the absence of any other knowledge, he is amateur)


Wifi, your opinion (logical conclusion???) that Cunningham is not doing a good job from a man management point of view is a direct result of the lads who are not happy sounding off.

I know plenty of lads in that panel who are quite happy with the man management he brings. The only player of the lot that would add anything now is Sutcliffe. Nolans big puck out means nothing as the damn half forward line were not winning the ball anyway. There are a bunch of people involved in the selection of players and team. Its getting a bit tiresome listening to the “manager has to go” every time the players don’t perform.

At least Cunningham didn’t blame the “strangers meeting at the red cow” or whatever Daly said as his excuse.Below is the team that lined out for the 2014 Leinster Final. We got bet by 14 points that day. Someone needs to Ask Keaney what his excuse was for that.

Dublin: A Nolan; S Durkin, P Kelly, P Schutte; S Hiney, L Rushe, M Carton; J Boland, J McCaffrey; R O’Dwyer, D O’Callaghan (0-01), D Sutcliffe (0-01); C Cronin (1-01), A McCrabbe (0-03, 0-03f), C Keaney (0-01, 0-01 pen).


As I said, debating the points has been done, and is a matter of opinion… But debating the English language is different.

My point was, and it seems relatively clear to me, is that If you hold a certain opinion and you prove your point, a logical conclusion can be drawn from that. If you hold another opinion and it holds sway, then it would suggest another logical conclusion. There is no way on gods earth can my post be read as saying that I dismiss all other opinions.


You’ve been unable to prove your point thats the problem . 6 months in and your still floundering . When you start using injured players as a means to beat the current management up its time to call the undertaker for this debate .
Nolan and lambert were subs under Daly . Have they really improved that much so they are improving as they hit their 30s?

Maguire was always picked ahead of Nolan Carton is in his 30s. This debate is laughable .

Call a spade a spade this is all about Danny .