Leinster SHC QF 2017, Dublin v Galway, O'Connor Park, Tullamore, Sun May 28th, 4pm (Live RTÉ)


Dublin playing Clare in Sixmilebridge on Sunday according to my Clare relation anyway.


Anyone know when the draw is on?


Next Monday??? Whats the hold up???


They should have had it on today. Didnt want to do the football and hurling at the same time i supposes. Anal. Could have done it tommorow if that’s the case


Should have done it today to get it out of the way.


Let people organize as well


Would I be right in saying seen as the draw is going to be today week that the match will be played that weekend on the 1st or 2nd of July ?


I believe Dublin are penciled in to play on the 1st


Crazy giving teams only 6 days to prepare for an opponent.


We are due a home tie in Mondays draw. I’m going to predict limerick in the nell :stuck_out_tongue:


The sad thing about this year is that there is no really great team out there. But thanks to inept management we are in no position to capitalise like we did in 2013.

I’d as soon get Tipp away and send the Cork man home directly from Thurles with his
Dublin visa eternally revoked.


Honestly I’d rather any of the Munster 3 than Carlow/Laois.


Only prolongs the agony/inevitable alright. Lads would be better off back with their clubs for the league games in July.


That plus I wouldn’t be surprised if we were beaten by Carlow or Laois but it would knock us back years, well would knock me back years anyway. At least ye could say ah sure we aren’t Good enough to beat Tipp/Waterford/Limerick and you accept it and are happy that the Cunningham era is over.


I think that would be a good game for this team to get. Limerick at home is manageable.
Would love a home tie at least.


Home tie would be great yea. Guaranteed away.


new here, hi and all that. Pushed myself laughing over the whole Liam Rushe sock fiasco. Great wind up. I fell for it.

Realistically who’s favorite to start the league next year as manager? Are we all agreed that GC is gonski?

Dalo said it years ago, the biggest threat to Dublin hurling is Dublin football.

I’m not trying to defend GC at all, don’t get me wrong, he needs to go


Disappointed with the way this tread is going at the moment. Lads almost wishing that we lose so that we get a change in management. Dublin have a great group of young players who need our full backing and encouragement in their next game ( and beyond hopefully), that has to be more important than GC’s position. Let’s cut the negative crap and be positive for the players and the county’s sake. Dublin and our players are the most important thing here. Are you Dublin SUPPORTERS or wha?


It’s precisely because of the talent coming through that this management’s tenure needs to end as soon as possible. They have continually lost players, who may never come back. The idea we should support them as they continue to destroy Dublin hurling just doesn’t wash with me I’m afraid. We cannot afford to lose any more.


Alan your blind dislike of the team management is unbecoming of you. I am calling for support for our Dublin players. They deserve and need the full backing of every Dublin fan in their forthcoming game/s. Just because you don’t like an individual doesn’t mean that you should want a team to fail. I want Dublin to win regardless of who the manager is and will be roaring my head off next week as my own small contribution to their efforts to beat our opponents.
Everyone has views on the manager etc but for one week at least put that to one side and get behind the players who will wear the blue jersey next week. They, and no one else, are what’s important.