Leinster SHC QF 2017, Dublin v Galway, O'Connor Park, Tullamore, Sun May 28th, 4pm (Live RTÉ)


With the draw made this morning Laois play winners of Christy R. That puts Westmeath into the draw with ourselves. So that’s Dublin, Limerick, Tipp, Westmeath and the winner of that previous game. Do losers of Cork/Waterford go into it also to finish with 6 teams. Jesus this is confusing :rage:


hilarious that a bunch of hurling fans on here dont know how this bloody thing works. proof if ever it was needed that the competition is too bloody confusing.


Anyone that doesnt know how it works either (1) isn’t that interested in knowing (2)hasn’t bothered his hole to find out how it works and is expecting the knowledge to fall into his lap or (3) is just to stupid to understand it


I was going for option 2 myself :slight_smile:


option 2 and 3 :joy:

Barrel of laughs as ever charles. Go on admit you had to read up how it works again this year.


Thanks Tayto.


you did, didnt you?


Tayto, I’m just assuming its the same as last year (except they are allowing the CR winners in as a preliminary round.) its not that complicated!


I think you would add in losers of KK/Wx and Offaly/Galway to make eight teams and four games. Winners of the four play each other and the winners of those games qualify for quarter finals.


ah i know it’s not THAT complicated but i would assume most people on here are more interested then your average member of the public and there’s a lot of confusion here each year. the fact is you need a diagram or several paragraphs to explain the GAA season, which might only have 10 matches. it’s bananas.


Possibly option 2


So like last year they will pair Munster with Leinster where possible also or fully open? Nearly afraid to ask😂


A definite option 3 :joy:


After the preliminary match , as per last year they should pair 3 of the leinster teams against the 3 munster teams and the final 2 ‘leinster’ teams play each other.
After 2 rounds there are 2 teams who play the provincial losers.
I’m also a 2 in that I’m not 100% certain of the above. The knowledge will present itself when the fixtures are made!


Thanks Charles


That wasn’t so hard Charles…


Here’s an example of a draw we are hoping for (well at least for those who want a run in this years championship)

Avoid a Munster team in the first round and draw one of Westmeath / Laois / Offaly. Hope that one of those 3 teams named draws limerick.
And then in the second round hope to draw the winners of limerick game.
Into the quarter finals - happy days :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think we’d beat Limerick. I’m not sure we’d beat Offaly to be honest.


We would beat Offaly and we’re well capable of beating Limerick too. If we did, I’d be watching the semi-final through my fingers though.


We won’t get Limerick in a quarter final. It’ll be before that. If we get that far it’ll be almost certainly the losers of the Munster final. We’re not beating Clare/Waterford/Cork in our current state.

A hiding by one of them in a quarter final would actually constitute success after all that’s happened this year.