Leinster SHC QF 2017, Dublin v Galway, O'Connor Park, Tullamore, Sun May 28th, 4pm (Live RTÉ)


Agree.Its been like death by a thousand cuts last few months.Hopefully the 21’s can salvage some pride


Think it would be better for the young lads to get a couple of wins under their belts - so they get a little bit of experience & confidence into them, otherwise the whole year has been a waste of time.


Not doubting that. Just goes to show that making an AI Q final doesn’t make you a top 6 side with the system the way it is. Would anyone be concerned that in the off chance we made it through to the last 6 with the help of a favourable draw that the DCB could go on with the GC project ?


i can’t see why ger would sign up again if we were lucky on the draw.


Ah FFS Alan you should take up knitting or yoga or something.

I thought I was a miserable b*****d but the way you go on makes me feel like I’m Mr Fookin’ Happy …


Must be tough when something you love brings ya that much misery .


Well if you’re happy after Sunday …

I’d rather a good run for the 21s. That would be far more valuable for a lot of the same lads than a few wins over Carlow and Antrim before a hiding from Tipp.


Alan is telling the truth. Things are very bad for hurling in Dublin. My suggestion is to split hurling and football completely into different organisations.


As much as we are all annoyed by what’s going on, the lads that put the jersey on Sunday were devastated after that result going on speaking to a panel member. I for one want them to go as far as they can. Whatever about our feelings on the management\county board etc in this mess, those lads deserve something from this year and if all it is is a few wins against lowly opposition then so be it. They sacrificed a lot to get onto that team and deserve something from it, and deserve our support.


May as well go as far as possible after Nowlan Park tonight.

Mine’s a Johnny Walkers…


Grassroots-gaa analysis from Dublin vs Galway


Just curious… how would that help?


Long term, we would get a chance to openly compete, and we would have a better chance of keeping players. One thing is clear. The current system is failing.


@CDG lads can find that stuff for themselves if they want, no harm done though :slight_smile:


Loadsa fooking harm done by all accounts! :smirk:




You know what I mean :grin:


Is there a simple breakdown of the draws available or will it be more clear after this weekend?


They’ll probably make the draw after the Christy Ring finals for the preliminary round game anyway.


should be done nationally. the only similarities between hurling and football are artificial (same number of players, size of pitch and length of game). otherwise they really are two separate sports. given the way the dual player is being phased out it makes more sense to have Football and Hurling as separate organisations under the GAA umbrella.