Leinster SHC QF 2017, Dublin v Galway, O'Connor Park, Tullamore, Sun May 28th, 4pm (Live RTÉ)


I know a fella who got hooked all the time. Turned out he had an addictive personality …


How do teams improve. How do players improve. How is it that some managers can get more out of lads than others. Anyone can improve at any time once they are genuine and have open minds and are open to good coaching. Was taggy Fogerty an accomplished hurler. 100%. Was he an uber sticksman. Absolutely not,but he’d be first on my teamlist ever time. Troiller has the ability to be as good as taggy. With good coaching he could be even better. Acquiring skills and learning doesn’t stop at 25. It never stops.


but Fogarty was virtually impossible to block or hook even if grip was at its kindest unorthodox. Trollier is telegraphed one sided full length usually


Dillon and Burke were beating their men consistently - Donal Burke was out in front of Daithi Burke (likely All Star full back) and won clean ball off him a good few times, even used it well.
So we should have been driving low ball in around the 21. That is how the team was set up FFS once they had O’Dwyer coming out to the MF/HF line to improve the ball winning out there.
So what do we do - horse long high ball into the FF line and isolate Conroy on the puckouts instead of having ROD under Conroy breaking ball and ROD doing what he does best foraging for the ball
We were always going to lose but at least give ourselves the best chance of getting something out of it.

Not to mention Rushe and Canning - they were showing graphics before the match of Canning pulling into MF in the league final and destroying Tipp from that area by getting acres of space away from Ronan Maher who was holding the CB position. It wasn’t exactly a secret
So we have Rushe hold the middle and make no allowances for Canning drifting. Galway actually did us a favour in the end putting Joe on the wing, even though he ran amok out there.


So coach it out of him. Its not rocket science.


you would hope so, but it hasnt happened in the 17 odd years of he playing hurling so far


Not easy - in pressure situations people tend to revert to type


A lot of people on here reverting to type under pressure too … :scream:


When is the draw for the qualifiers made? after this weekend?


Re Canning, Barrett seemed to be the player marking him but a lot of the time did not follow him but maybe that was the plan. Our best in your face man marker should have stuck with him wherever he went which might have stopped some of the great ball he played. He is the one player who cant be allowed to roam freely.


Think the provincial semi finals have to be played as they enter at the same point I think


Oh right - i thought there was a first losers round first.


In Dalo’s article he pointed that out and that Crummy would have been a better man for that role.



Doesn’t look like it from this anyway


if we get tipp we’ll be grand - the rumours started flying around yesterday about 3pm which culminated with the dropping of Barrett last night after a lovely clear the air meeting.

Drinking and Riding instead of hurling with a dollop of fighting added to the mix. :laughing: oh tipp, never change lol


Yeah, I saw the WhatsApp messages this morning…


the gift that keeps giving. :laughing:


He hasn’t met the right coach so.


So increase the pressure in training and dog him.


What’s this?