Leinster SHC QF 2017, Dublin v Galway, O'Connor Park, Tullamore, Sun May 28th, 4pm (Live RTÉ)


Conor Whelan came off the intermediate team


I think he doesn’t know when to shoot and when to keep running. hes about 10% away from scoring a goal. If you look at the Cork goal against Tipp the Cork lad just kept running and running along the end line and passed it off at the very last min. With Dillion I get the impression if he was in that situation he would have checked his run or taken a shot from a diff angle. What he should have done for the goal chance in the first half when he was hooked was keep running towards the goal, draw the other defender out or the keeper. Either pass it across or he would have been so close to the keeper bat down tennis style into the net (I think Seamus Callaghan has gotten a few like that). Like I said he just needs to be told to keep running until he sees the whites of the keepers eyes! Tel him not to worry about steps and just concentrate on getting as close to goal as possible with the ball. U don’t need to strike the ball to score a goal, kick it if needs be as long as its in the net!!!


Having been on the receiving end of Trolliers club form the odd time, I don’t see much wrong with his finishing there (when he’s sticking 3/4 past your team for fun :grin:). I would like to see all Dublin forwards (at every age group) trying to finish in different ways though, batting, kicking it, one handing etc etc. Too many lads think you have to strike it close in and get hooked. Keepers hate the aul bat…they never know where the ball will bounce / end up…


Brick Walsh and Shane O’Donnell may have the purists crying but they have redefined how to to strike a ball and never get blocked / hooked


Exactly, if a defender/keeper knows you always strike the ball they’ll be ready for it. But if you bat, kick or do what ever it takes to get it over the line then they don’t know what to be prepared for and it may give the forward that extra spilt second.


It’s one thing I always encourage forwards to do. When coaching underage hurling and camogie teams it’s something we practice regularly. Running straight at goal and scoring by 1. Batting in 2. Dropping ball ahead and ‘pushing’ with the hurl 3. One handed striking 4. Kicking. It needs to be practiced to become instinctive.


Good post dubintipp.
I got the very same impression from the interview. Seemed to me he sounded like he didn’t believe what he was saying, but as Chairman had to conduct himself in such a way. Shouldn’t really have done the interview, in hindsight.


Absolutely. It amazes me that he has remained so one sided at inter county. Surely with the numbers in the backroom team at inter county level that someone would have worked with him on his right side for a few minutes every training session. I don’t know if this happens or not. I really like Dillon as a hurler but he is so predictably one sided. If he got significant one on one work for a few minutes every training session and got his right side up to scratch, I think he would be a real dangerman.


This is what should have happened when he first got on the panel. It was easy to see the potential in this lad. What he needed was good individual coaching like you have outlined above. I know you can’t give every player this sort of attention. But I firmly believe that it would have been worth it in the case of Dillon. He still has a lot of the bad habits he had at 18 unfortunately.


We live in hope Conor…


Why did he hit the sliotar into the ground though on both occasions?


Spot on. The point about Dillon is that everyone can see his potential. He just needs a small bit of work to be the goalscorer we have being crying out for for years.

In case anyone or the lad himself thinks supporters are having a go at him that is not what I and I think most others intend. He is 100% first choice, but he has the potential to be the Dublin forward every county fears.

On a separate point Barry Kelly accused him of diving on Sunday. May not have been visible on TV but it was outrageous of him to make the diving gesture with his hands when Dillon had clearly been pushed in the back out near the sideline late in the game. Dillon looked at him bewildered there was no free given.

The penalty he wasn’t given was a complete joke also.


MI’ve seen him score some brilliant goals. Just one or two more tricks in the box that’s all we’re saying. Needs a few other danger lads around him to keep the other backs busy too. Thems the “other” forwards we’ve been talking about!!

Barry Kelly is too much like Marty Morrissey now. Likes the look of himself etc etc. As the teams were coming back out on Sunday he waited at the pitch entrance with his arm Up in the air like the school headmaster. Two linesmen with him in case things got tense :wink:. He then proceeded to give out to the galway management!!! I dunno, playing to the crowd. I think he’s a poor ref.


Technique under pressure. He wouldn’t do it in the bogies on a Saturday evening playing Ahl 1 or 2 I’d suggest?


Any idea when the draw is on? Can we get Meath being the christy ring champions?


Trolliers great. Heart of a lion and our best attacker. He could be so much more with tailored coaching.


He was hooked both times. Once on the hands and once on the elbow/shoulder. Didn’t help himself that he swung with the long stick both times but at least he was winning his own ball ,breaking the tackle and driving at the Galway defense. I hope the next manager does a number on him and gets the best out of him.


I don’t see how those skills are acquired at 25. It’s an awareness thing. It’s an awareness of where the defender is in relation to you before you swing. . To me that’s intuition not a hurling swing. And that’s a muscle memory thing that needs to be coached at underage


Is he consistently hooked though? Genuinely cause it’s not something I’ve noticed before. How could you go about teaching someone that awareness? I’d be of the opinion it’s a peripheral vision thing and I’d imagine it would be hard to coach into someone.


I’m not slating the guy or anything like that. I thought he was one of the 3/4 lads who gave everything they had last week. It’s just the polish on top of that. If you watch him on those two clips where he gets hooked - he never takes into account where the defender is positioned and just assumes he isn’t there.
That’s definitely an intuitive thing rather then a lack of execution. That’s hard to coach the older you get. But with the right coach could definitely be improved upon.