Leinster SHC QF 2017, Dublin v Galway, O'Connor Park, Tullamore, Sun May 28th, 4pm (Live RTÉ)


Your missing the point though. Every team is relative but the process of development should be the same. I’ve seen kk training sessions where tj and Richie loarded it but they didn’t start the following week. You serve your time then you get your shot.


I think there is an onus on the player to make some attempt to make it visible, the referees can’t be everywhere.

But I think while the referee wasn’t perfect (but I do think he was correct on the O Callaghan second yellow), it hardly mattered, it only altered the scale of the defeat really.


i tuned into the boilers after eight because i heard who they were interviewing. he sounded like a man who was doing his best to sound relaxed and not too worried but failing. He doesnt have the luxury we have, he has to stand by his man - as he said the DCB does not have a history of sacking managers (Tom Carr was AFAIR just not renewed as opposed to sacked) - and so he has to stick with that. I would say the man is seething though one way or the other.

Loughnane rode over the hill to defend his fellow “traditional county” man on sunday evening, taking a cut at the players who left/dropped. It was awful stuff, sure Daly’s teams had sometimes alarming dips but you cannot overlook two all ireland semi finals, a leinster, a league.

We used to struggle to beat Wexford, we never beat anyone of note in the league except on rare occasions (I remember the joy of beating cork in the league in 97 (?) as i knew a fairly obnoxious cork hurling man at the time) but during Daly’s time beating Tipp in the league wasnt a surprise, and beating Galway in Leinster wasn’t world stopping either.

I cannot understand how a county at that level, especially when you consider how good we currently are at underage, can drop so far so quickly. I had a look in Daly’s book and yes he laments the fact that of the top Hurling Counties we are the only one playing second fiddle to football and all that entails and he points out that vast areas od Dublin just dont have hurlers but even with that we should be contesting semi finals regularly, not going home early July.

that culture has to come back, that mindset has to come back with the next manmager and the DCB. The work has to start the day after GC leaves because before you know it we will be back in January and probably wondering still who the next manager will be otherwise.


100% about the result. Thought the second yellow was harsh for the reason that Kelly said it was for a hand trip but for the life of me,I’ve watched it a dozen times and I cant see one.


Yep, he can’t hang the manager out to dry and much as I don’t like his set up or how he is doing things, I don’t really want him castigated on the national airwaves either.

But it is all over now for Cunningham really I would assume. He will finish out the year and then go on his way. For the rest of the year he probably has a bit of freedom to do what he wants and he might be all the better for it. I have felt all along that a lot of decisions were made to make a point rather then anything else.


I must check it again, but I was sure it showed up on TV. But I was at the game and roughly level with it and there was definitely a trip. Mind you, they should never have been in the situation where it came to having to foul, they were in total control of the ball until a fumble.


I don’t doubt you . And I’m not for once second suggesting the coaching is good on the senior panel
However in my experience players don’t acquire skills at 23 in the most technically proficient field game in the world
If you look at Dillon. With the right technical coaching he could have been great . Has all the physical gifts but the system let him down . Clubs can only do so much.
All I would say is that I think as pure stickmen I think our underage teams from
Last years minor team onwards are producing better pure hurlers



I wouldn’t have even replied to that story if I was simo.


shut mouth catches no flies…


rich coming from the man who managed THAT Galway team…

you wouldnt be shocked to hear that in tipp aul Ger is seen as a very lucky chancer


Agree with you on this @dubintipp. The integration of key players from minor success is disappointing, with a few exceptions.
Biggest problem I feel is that Minor, 21s and Senior management are all trying to put their individual stamp on things. There should be a Template drawn up, and better communication or interaction between each other.
Fortune IMO should’ve been brought into Senior set-up this year, in fairness he knows most of 21s players better than Cunningham would. And might have insured some of the younger players who opted out stayed.


Joined up thinking Liam…ah come on now will ya…:grin:

Question?? Under 19 development squad or intermediate team??


If I was working with Dillion first thing id check would be his hurl,length and weight. Then id have him striking with 3 or 4 different sized hurls,left and right,at various distances. Then id work him in drills all the while holding a short stick,left and right ,at pace. Then id tell him about tony o Sullivan, cork sticksman extraordinaire,who knew what all the top forwards know. It only takes one second to strike a ball,so once you know your position on the field,you only have to create that seconds distance to let fly. By knowing your position on the field,you know where the goals are. You don’t need to keep charging like the light brigade. Then id show him the Offalys lads goal from sat night. On the run,lads all around him,throws the ball out in front,short stick strike,buried in the net. Its easier for lads to visualize what your on about when you can show them. Keep on at him and he’ll improve in no time.


100% he would have. For those who may doubt that ask the players involved. But that was likely going to cause friction. Shanley may need to remind himself also that he backed Cunningham on this and the 21 setup I’m sure.


Great question. Intermediate for me if the 21s are allowed develop properly with their own age group.


Intermediate would create even more Club headaches .


True, 19s likely the same? Answering just hypothetically


But sure if was the players fault in Galway with the Ger Loughnane doctrine also


Yeah, that’s true. Just thinking of a way to bridge that Minor to senior gap to keep developing players rather than a) throwing them straight in b) losing them before they are close to senior county standard

I think Galway have won the Inter AI a couple of times over the last couple of years??