Leinster SHC QF 2017, Dublin v Galway, O'Connor Park, Tullamore, Sun May 28th, 4pm (Live RTÉ)


Very interesting article in fairness


Definitely, fair play @steveyblue


Interesting article but not one for the real world. Dublin were ate,bet and spat out.
Stats can hide a multitude of sins,67% of people know that.
We need guys on the line who are good with the eyes,not the numbers.


Funnily enough I spotted that Quinn had played the ball off the stick en route to his disallowed goal on the Sunday game. Couldn’t believe the pundits didn’t pick it up. Can you imagine the tears if that had of being TJ or Canning!!!

Barry Kelly is a dreadful ref lads


At best, he may have touched the hurl with the sliotar but that does not count as “playing” the sliotar off his hurl. Kelly was right on this occasion.


Yeah, I looked at that too but am giving Benjy the benefit of the doubt as it was really quickly done. Kelly couldn’t have seen it anyway as he was way behind the play…signing autographs and posing for the cameras etc


Thought Duignan was good on the Second Captain’s podcast re the issues with Cunningham. All comes down to communication it appears


I think the ball must be released from the hand and played by the stick for the move to be considered legitimate . Fair enough call . But an unforgivable brace of decisions cost us big time. Troillers peno/21 yard free decision ( a possible 6 point swing after the resulting Galway goal) and o callaghans second yellow ( a possible 3 points less conceded over the remainder of the game ???). All in around 9 pts on those 2 Kelly calls. Makes you wanna cry.


Yeah… but who walked away? Who was cut by GC?


You’d imagine the red card cost us more than 3 points. We weren’t ever looking like we would win but going a man down killed us defensively and in attack, and it was never a red. He couldn’t wait to get the yellow card out of his pocket. I can see why KK folk hold him in the regard that they do.

Another moan I have about the game was Darragh Moloney, Jesus he is to be one of the worst commentators I’ve ever heard do a hurling game. Carried on like a teenage girl at a westlife concert every time St Joe touched the ball. The analysis from both commentators on Joes blatant strike to the head was the final straw. If he’s ever calling a dubs game again it’ll be on mute in my house.


Best way to avoid commentary is to go to the game :wink:


Didn’t have the luxury as I work weekends.


No. He’s the coach and he’s inherited forwards laden with underage lenister titles at 21 and minor. If other recent less successful counties can turn losing underage forwards into good senior players,why cant we. Simple,the wrong players are picked and the training is too soft. Best example, in commentary Sunday Cummins said that galways training games are savage as all the players know that if they impress,they start. Honest competition for places. In another thread,lads here were clamering for the Cuala contingent to be shoehorned straight into the Clare relegation game. I posted that this would be completely unfair and counterproductive from a bigger picture point of view. Lads who had hurled fantastically well against cork were jettisoned out of the starting 15 and the illusion of honest competition for places was exposed. I said it was imperative from a squad point of view that management keeps faith in the lads who had done the business in cork,and that the Cuala lads be used if needed during the game. That call has completely backfired now. It was a colossal blunder. The towards were brilliant in cork,and the off the ball defending,tackling was great to see. The forwards picked that day had pace,heart,determination and no little skill. Contrast that forward display with the Clare one and the one on Sunday. No comparison. As I said before,the one thing missing from the set up is honesty,and without it its like going to sea in a storm with dead lifeboat men.


RTE lads do my head in. Marty is way worse when it comes to Joe.


We don’t agree so best to leave it at that . Outside Bennett none of last years u21 forwards do it for me .


Cian Boland? Sean Treacy?


Everyone at this level needs proper handling. Even Richie Hogan and tj had their seasons on the bench before nailing down the jersey. We don’t see the bigger picture and bring on players at the top level the right way. All the lads coming through can play,most have winners medals. You need to integrate them over time under the watch of experienced players. That’s how it works.


Thats a very good point, in fact some KK fans were beginning to think the two lads werent going to make it bu waiting till they were more physically able and making them wait for their breakthrough has probably extended their careers.


They were trying to break into the best team in history . Richie was a genius at 15. He didn’t need handing he just needed a chance
Our 21 forwards were nothing special last year outside Bennett in my opinion . And as pure stickmen Donal Burke, Conor Burke and Ciaran Dowling would be ahead of the rest in my opinion


~Fair point about the team they were trying to break into, they did both appear to stall in their early 20s though, through the sheer difficulty of breaking into that team and when they got a chance, they were almost trying too hard. Parallels could be drawn to some of the dublin footballers at the moment.