Leinster SHC QF 2017, Dublin v Galway, O'Connor Park, Tullamore, Sun May 28th, 4pm (Live RTÉ)


You underestimate the thickness of the skin. And not just Gers.


Can we not name names?

Its getting beyond ridiculous at this stage, give the reins to Johnny McGuirk for the summer.


Lads don’t be looking for a reason to get upset. More than likely what is happening is what happens every year after the conclusion of the league in every County. The Management name their championship panel of 30 to 32 players. Because of the Cuala situation this year there has to be some movement on to or off the panel and there has to be a limit to the number of players that can be carried on any panel. Rest assured that Jim Gavin will be doing the same thing. Only difference is he won’t have it used as a stick to beat him with whereas Ger Cunningham will. It’s a fact of sporting life players make panels and others don’t. Hard for the individual involved but that’s life.


The original poster spoke of players leaving. That’s very different to the manager picking his championship panel. And he says his source is reliable. We’ll find out soon I suppose.

It does seem that Cunningham’s chat with the Schuttes has not been successful.


I stated players walked away from the panel not cut. It came from a panel member. I won’t be naming names don’t worry board delegate as if you are what your name suggests they will be brought to your attention soon enough. I only posed a question in my post. It would be more than a stick I’d be beating with at this stage.


Why not name names?


If some lads have walked it is up to them to go public.
If these reports are accurate, put together with all the other issues with Cunningham, then why is there (apparently?) no action by the Board? Or is it one of those cases of the kiss-of-death confidence vote just before the chop? Or maybe they are just sticking their heads in the sand like ostriches?


I had the pleasure of attending the U21 Leinster medals presentation last Thursday as my young lad was lucky enough to involved in 2015 & 2016. The respect that management team of Joe, Dwain & Eimear have for the players and vice versa, the players have for the lads just shone through…unfortunately for all involved these 3 people are now lost to Dublin hurling purely because GC, Sean Shanley and Johnny mcGurk saw to get rid of them. It does not come as a surprise to me or any of the players that lads are walking from the senior panel from what I hear the set-up is a shambles. Unfortuately DCB will do absolutely nothing about it, considering Sean Shanley was the only board rep at the presentation and had the audacity to give a speech. Luckily the night was saved by an excellent speech by Joe, who to his credit didn’t call anyone out to blame for what was done to them but his point was very clear. An absolute class group of people that should have been kept and given the opportunity to defend their Leinster title


The senior players wouldn’t have them as a management team . They wouldn’t be high profile enough for them
The county board should have done something by now but the players picked Cunningham and shafted Boland and I still believe there is a hangover from that. All getting very silly now


Agree with all that apart from the fact that I believe it was time for them to move on given the current setup at senior. It was never going to work with current and former players seeming to back his type of management, be they useful/useless or not. He will likely be involved in coming years if not lost to another county/club first.


It wasn’t the senior players who gazumped them when they were called in to become selectors on this team :wink: :wink: Bet they are not one bit sorry now at not being associated with this management team.


That particular U21 selection team seemed to get shafted a bit. I wonder had it anything to do with having Sutcliffe on the line during the championship. That is probably the most successful U21 team we ever had as they held their own outside Leinster - in other years we reasonably well beaten when we hit Galway or Munster opposition. It seems strange that they are now totally out in the cold.

Congrats to your gasún - it’s a serious achievement being part of those teams…


It depends on who the 4 or 5 are (and you are right not to be naming anyone), if it is big names then it is the end - if it isn’t any of the main guys it will be painted as guys being awkward or something and it will all move on.

Right or wrong does not matter at all now, we are past all that. I am sure everyone involved is fully sure they are correct and acting with integrity, but as the old saying goes, ‘the operation was a success, but the patient died’, is relevant here. Being right is pointless, if we are slipping away down the ladder every month.


Irony is this years team is far better on paper.


Johnny mcquirk, ?. Do people rate him?. Not a dig. Just curious!


I just mentioned Johnny as he is part of the setup and could take over straight away until the end of the year.

But that may be an issue one way or another.


One of the weakest Galway teams at that level . And a pretty average Dublin team. Beat Westmeath , Offaly and Wexford not exactly a good Kilkenny side . The management did well to get that far and get as much out of them .


Unmitigated rubbish


Yes you are talking rubbish . I’m glad you agree . Galway were hammered by Waterford in the final . We hadn’t a forward who could buy a score in the all Ireland semi
Offaly were terrible , Westmeath were Westmeath and they did well to beat a decent Wexford team .
I thought the management did very well . Shane Barrett and o Donnell were heroic but we knew that anyway .
It was a good season in my view but let’s not kid ourselves as to how good the opposition were . Just revisit the u21 thread last year


Whole thing is a shambles . It’s time for the DCB to step in but they won’t