Leinster SHC QF 2016, Dublin v Wexford, Croke Park Sat May 21st @ 7.15pm


Looking forward to see how this pans out. The short game is high risk strategy. As Tayto says we look very good when it works out, but when it doesn’t we don’t look too hot. Without ball winning HFs and MF we are putting all eggs in the one basket. If the short game suffers what is our alternative? That is my big worry going into this year. I certainly hope GC has a plan B.


That’s really the bottom line Amigo. does GC have a Plan B. By all means work the life out of your Plan A in our case the short puck out. But now and then you come across a team that have this sussed! So you need an answer and quickly before you find yourself 15 points down! I’m not so sure that GC has got a plan B. He seems to believe 100% in his system. Time will tell. Probably not Saturday night. If we get past this test I will feel very uneasy v KK.


Pretty much the same ‘named’ team v Limerick the last day… if you swap Plunkett for McGrath.

If i recall right… the ‘starting’ changes were MacGib for Madden?

So looks like MacGib lost out to Schutte. Assuming it’s fact, it’s a pity, as there was a nice buzz to Fionntán.

I personally hope to see all 4 speedsters start : Plunkett, McMorrow, Dillon agus MacGib. To see what damage we can do pace wise. But wouldn’t be one bit surprised to see McGrath start either.

Roll on this evening. Can’t wait !


Fionntán Mac Gib is injured.


Ah jaze, thats unlucky, serious or will he be back for the next match?


Ah liathróidí !


Similar myself . I think Keaney’s inter county race was run and I think it’s good that he has moved on and I don’t think the panel was too troubled by it . Lambert and Nolan departures ? Are they really indicative of a wider malaise or just not part of the managers plans ? Neither would be troubling the panels of teams competing for Liam McCarthy .
Sutcliffe is the silver bullet but I would question the fact that he jacked the panel and was sitting on the setanta panel analysing his teammates. Bizarre .
Keaney was a wonderful hurler . Portlaois under 21’s performance was special . But tweeting cryptic horseshite that could unsettle players is not on . Say it or don’t . Don’t use social media to insinuate .


So any predictions?

Can’t see us losing.

IMO Wexford are a 15 score team. We are a 20 score team.

I’m sure they will lament the loss of Chin, but in fairness he’s only a couple of scores kinda player. Looks great, and appears to be on the end of everything for them… but from what I’ve seen off him it doesn’t transfer positively into finishing.

So assuming we aren’t leaking goals, or giving away handy frees… we’ll win by 5pts plus. I’d say more… but I’m being cautious due to it being our first day out.


Expecting rather a lot from a midfielder/half-forward (Chin). A couple of points is very decent for a lad in his position.

You should be beating that Wexford team very handily, shocking set of forwards and Dunne is a bluffer.


Anyone have the subs btw?


Dunne is unusually quiet. Not as popular down there as a while ago, but there is very little to go on. They could collapse, they could go wild. V difficult to read this. PaddyPowers has us 1:3. Maybe they are right.


I’d say they are spot on tbf. Wexford were dangerous under Dunne when McGovern was able to get in space and run at full-back lines - happened one summer and hasn’t happened since.


Doesn’t look good. Definitely will not be back for next match.


Sure we’ve nothing to worry about if this video is anything to go by :worried:


Lee Chin is starting for Wexford despite not being named.

He’s a big boost to them but I still think we’ve way too much for them and should win by 7+


Think we will win by 7/8.
We need to. That’s a poor Wexford team.
Hoping the weather settles down as showers out this way are very heavy. Interesting to see will it be the team as named. We have alot of pace in those 6 forwards.


I think the style Dublin are laying now is suited more to Croker than Parnell Park. We were very poor v Limerick and play like that again and we will be beaten but the wider spaces should suit us a lot better and i expect a big step up tonight. We have an excellent full forward line if they are click and they have plenty of goals in them. Hopefully Schutte will come out of the bit of a lull he went through during the league. Plunkett and O Connell bring plenty of pace going forward and Croker should suit them. Hopefully the puck out situation has improved drastically since the Limerck game, that and Mc Donald’s ball winning abilty would be my biggest fears going into the game along with Dublin looking ahead to Kilkenny and not concentrating on Wexford. Hopefully the weather will improve and doesnt have a negative impact on the game. Ill go Dublin by 6. Coybib


Couple of points to make, wifi, I don’t mean any offence here, but you’ve been posting the exact same post for the last 6 months. Nolan and Lambert were dropped, obviously they weren’t happy about it, but that’s 100% the managers call. Keaneys career as a top hurler was over, one of our best ever but even the best can’t play forever. His latest S tweet has annoyed me and he should really know better. On suttclife, of course it’s worrying. But if he did fall out with Cunningham, surely for the sake of your teammates and county, being our most important player, you could bury the hatchet and just get on with it. Lost a lot of respect for him when he went on setanta as an analyst, an ill advised decision to say the least. Cunningham may be getting it all wrong, but that remains to be seen, at least give him a chance without claiming there’s problems in the panel because one player stepped away and another has had a long term injury


Also, Dublin by 10+ people on here giving Wexford way too much credit, they’re a poor team. If we don’t win this we may as well all give up on hurling.


Yes, I have been posting stuff with a similar enough theme. But I have also always said we need to see how it goes before making judgement. My over riding point is that Cunningham has made big decisions, so he needs to prove his way his better then what went before, if it is then that is great, if it is not - then with big decisions comes big accountability.

I was among a minority that was supportive of Cunningham last year when he made positional changes, Rushe, Carton etc. I saw it as brave and adventurous. But yes, I am a little concerned when serious servants of Dublin hurling are concerned. But am willing to see how it goes.

But my biggest worry is that if this team gets beaten badly some where along the line, that people will start saying we haven’t the players when in fact we have proven that we do have the players. We just didn’t have a manager that got them on the field.