Leinster SFC SF 2017, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun June 25th, 4pm


Wouldn’t underestimate them and they have improved but they are still a way off the likes of Dublin and Kerry imo.


Galway have a really good chance of making the AI Semi final this year. If they beat Roscommon then it’s probably one of Cork/Donegal/Meath in the 1/4 final who they’d be fancying themselves against.


All-Ireland SFC Round 2A qualifier draw (first team has home advantage):

Meath v Sligo

Mayo v Derry

Laois v Clare

Donegal v Longford


I am not saying that Kildare have not improved greatly or that they won’t give us a game should we meet, just saying that up until recently Bart has been constantly saying that all Leinster was rubbish except for Dublin and now suddenly he is talking about Kildare putting it up to us, I don`t get his sudden change of opinion.
As regards Kildare being as good asMonaghan, well we will see, I mean up to know they have not played anyone that could be considered of the level of Monaghan.


Watched the Kildare Meath game there.

The Meath full back line + goalkeeper are Division 4 standard.

They really are poorly developed side physically and have a real dearth of quality playing staff.

Every year I hear that Gramhe Reilly is the real deal, he looks over weight and disinterested to me.

They really are in dire straits, sad to see in a way.


I do think Kildare, Galway and Tyrone are better then they were. I think Tyrone have been over hyped, probably based on their (one) U21 win, but they are getting better. How a team performs against a decent medium level team is a good indicator and they have beaten Donegal and Derry with ease.

Galway are better, and again based on U21, they have to be. They have had a lot of success there, and the players have to come through eventually. I don’t think Dublin would beat any of those three by the 10 / 12 points difference that we could have in the past (well Kildare and Galway anyway).

There is a suggestion out there that we are not as good we were. I am not sure what the evidence is for that. One loss in two years is a phenomenal record. We didn’t have anything like that prior to winning All Irelands in '11 and '13. I don’t think people are seeing us as particularly poor now, they are just over estimating some of the stuff that was done in the past. Sure we won a lot of Leinster games easily, but in some of those we were behind at half time (Laois), or just ahead (Westmeath). We beat Kerry by a good score in the league in '16, but we were only a point up when they had a man sent off.

If a team gets up to the Dublin standard physically, like Mayo have done, it then becomes a game where the best footballers win. We really only have to play to our best against Kerry, Mayo and maybe Tyrone. For the rest the system and the fitness take care of the results. We probably do still have the best footballers, although Kerry aren’t far behind - and we aren’t far enough ahead of any of these to be sure of winning an AI. But this year I think it is more important to integrate a few new lads rather then win. If we won an AI with the same team as last year, it would be good, but we wouldn’t win too many for a few years afterwards. If we come close (or hopefully win) and O Callaghan, Scully, Lowndes, Reddin, Howard or a good selection of them, are showing really well. We will be there or thereabouts for the next 5 or 6 years.


Donal keogan is Div 4 standard ? Ask Bernard about that in fairness . That’s a ridiculous comment


Completely of their own making. Underage is a joke. Tactically they were inept - guys marking space but not getting tight to Kildare players. The FB line was shocking too. The thing that bugs me about them is that if they were playing us they would be all aggression and shapes but last Saturday they were like sheep and got bullied out of it … by Kildare!!!


Whatever about Keogan being decent, their full back line as a unit is absolutely appalling.

They could’ve/should’ve conceded another 3 goals against Louth, who’s own manager admitted they’ve shut down after the massive league effort.

They were bet up a stick by the Kildare inside line the other night.

I stand by my Divison 4 comment


McEntee should send for Paul Durcan again :joy: Paddy O’Rourke is poor keeper. Mickey Burke is shocking, don’t how he still playing. In fairness full back line was under pressure as Kildare completely cleaned out Meath at midfield.


Well it doesn’t stack up on any level . The facts are when you lose the possession stakes by the margin Meath did - try playing in the full back line with no sweepers and come back to me
Like shooting fish in a barrel


There is something to that but at the same time Donncha Tobin was destroyed one on one - simple as.


The possession stats were 60/40 in favor of Meath the other night.

Defenders job is to defend, they’re full back line have been torn apart against Louth & Kildare.

Division 4 standard


RTE showed those statistics last night. They have to be completely wrong based on the match I saw. Sky were showing stats throughout which had Kildare on 60+% possession. I wouldn’t believe anything out of Montrose these days. Spillane probably threw that in off the top of his head … But there is no way Meath had 60% of possession the other night.


Diane Abbott is giving RTE those figures?


That’s what I based it on, thought it was a bit mental myself.


of the 3-9 against conceded against Louth 1-4 was from placed balls and Paddy O’Rourke made a balls of a another goal. The starting Louth full forward scored 0-1 from play in Meath game.


Would love to see the real figures. If anyone has Sky they would give at the end of the game. I think i saw 63% to Kildare when well into the game??

It just shows how poor RTE’s analysis etc is when that figure was put up and no-one even questioned it …


What about the minimum 3 clear goal chances they spurned, they were torn apart time and time again by (repeat) a Louth team that shot their bolt in the league.

You can’t of watched the highlights of that game and thought Meaths full back line looked good.


With the amount of kickouts they lost they hadn’t a hope. You’ll recall the last time we played without a sweeper in 2014 and got rinsed at midfield
So you’ll agree the defending then was also div 4 standard ? Or excuse it just because it’s Dublin maybe ?