Leinster SFC SF 2017, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun June 25th, 4pm


Well they say all the players want from referees is consistency. I suppose McQuillan being consistently poor ticks that box in a way…


Didn’t see game - did Kildare dominate midfield ?


Kildare 2-16 Meath 0-13. Donal Lenihan top scorer with 0-5 :grimacing:


Meath go to a crappy qualifier draw - they might win next round against a division 3 team but will play Mayo Clare or Tyrone/Donegal in round 3 so likely to have a short summer again

Kildare on good side / even if they lose Leinster they’ll might well have a winnable run to the quarter finals to meet Ulster champions


I don’t agree Kildare are poor. They have an excellent midfield and a good inside line. Granted they continue to waste a lot which won’t beat a top side. Of course Meath being very poor tempers that but there are areas where they could hurt us should the game materialise. How the Dublin midfield would fare in such a game would be interesting if we see a continued shift back towards a traditional type midfield setup. Its clear enough we are behind in this area.

Kildare at least had a plan today and the players to execute it with a mixed result. That’s more than we can say about our Leinster matchups recently.


Working on the basis that we have too much for Westmeath, a game against Kildare will have a bit of interest. Meath poor today very little game plan.
Kildare looked in good shape and knew their jobs they had to do.


Depends on your definition of poor? 11 wides in first half and lot of headless stuff in second half. They’re certainly fit but they need a lot more than that to challenge top 5/6 teams.

Standard of inter county football overall is poor. All Kildare proved today’s that they’re better and fitter than v poor Meath team. Despite all the talk in media saw no sign today that Meath have improved.


Kildare have a couple of good forwards but Meath were awful. Never saw a MH or McEntee team with so little physicality or intensity. All these boys can get the edge when they play us but rarely otherwise. Good to see two teams go at it but MH were so naive. They seemed to be playing a zonal system … plenty of men near the ball but doing nothing.


McEntee certainly talked Meaths chances iup a bit over the winter- ultimately though their lack of success at underage is the biggest problem to their lack of progression


Kildare will give Dublin their full of it. Leinster is finally getting interesting again
Their midfield is outstanding and while they kicked a lot of wides they’ve a lot of players who can a score
Meath are poor and had no business thinking they had a chance


Don’t see Kildare giving Dublin their fill of it tbh. Good side but no more. Meath made them look a lot better than they are. Royals were woeful tbh.


What changes if any, obviously one enforced, would we like to see for the Westmeath game?


Don’t underestimate a non DC Dublin . It’s like Barcelona without messi


It’ll be different but to be brutally frank about it DC has been a distraction for quite some time now


The best player In Ireland is only an asset .in my opinion the 3 in a row is a dead duck


Too much talk of playing Kildare. Westmeath will give us a good game at least. Extra game and experience of last two years will narrow the gap


Tbf Bart, I called, you called, others did too, the loss of O’Carroll would be a game changer only to be proved wholly incorrect. I believe we have more pertinent issues to address than the suspension.


A fifteen point gap? Narrow that by five or six and it’s still close to a hiding.

Needing two games to get over Offaly wouldn’t suggest Westmeath are any better than last year.


How Many points does Rory score from 50 yards


How many scores did Rory prevent inside 21 yards? The 50 yard scores are not really the point imo. The loss of a key defender shouldnt be any worse than the loss of a key attacker. We simply need to find another way if it turns out worse case scenario.