Leinster SFC QF 2017, Dublin v Carlow, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Sat June 3rd, 7pm (Live Sky Sports)


In fairness Mark Schutte is a great footballer. I remember Cuala played Fingallians in the Intermediate final a while back. Mark was centre back and was on Flynn. Flynn barely touched the ball and Mark did a great job.
People being harsh on him because they feel someone else should be there is a bit rough, the lad didn’t tell Gavin he was on the team and getting a run. It was the other way around, it’s not his fault someone got dropped for him.


A great player? He is a good player

Diarmuid Connolly is a great player


suppose time will tell,

Connolly , Gooch ( whether people here like it or not) Those are great players,

to date mark Schutte has nothing but potential. One has to play intercounty to be rated at it


You are probably the only Gael in the land that feels this punishment is fair.Maybe if I knew who Decaprio is or what a “lino” does I’d agree.Me,I just like hurling and football.Diarmuid and his Pals generate millions for the organisation and the state.They deserve more respect than some indecisive windy Muldoon with highlights.A year gone from one of the bests short career,for an angry poke.I could agree with you,but the we’s both be wrong.


Collie Basquel to take over no 11


a certainty based on his u21 performances !!!


I agree. Personally I am glad all this has been put to bed, Diarmuid made a mistake and is being punished rightly so. Yes the length of ban is harsh but that is the rule book. I certainly don’t think his summer is over. There was certainly a sniff of trial by media alright with Spillane acting the clown on the Sunday game, but leave that to them.

Dublin still the team to beat in my eyes.


On U21 form I would think Howard would have a better shot at it. But in reality, probably neither of them as there is cover without them.


So it goes Diarmuid is great, the other Dublin players are only good and the rest of the county is just shite?
And obviously Diarmuid is seriously better than Schutte, you could say that about the majority if players in the country , but the lad shouldn’t be just brushed off as this average player that somehow bluffed his way onto the team.


You’re just sinking mate . Quit when you’re behind
Mark Schutte like all Dublin panellists is a good player .
He certainly isn’t a great player at this juncture until he proves otherwise .


@Chewy I expressly said (many times) above, that I believe this punishment to be UNFAIR…notably the training ban…

Seeing as you seem to be the barometer by which “Gaels” are measured. What in your mind is a fair ban for this transgression?

I would ask you to consider not what is a fair ban for DC (the best player in the country), but what would be a fair ban for any player (at any level) who places a hand on an official in this way…(in addition to the pointing a hollering, which in itself should be irradiated IMO)…i presume your answer is less than 3.

I agree Robbie, I don’t think his summer is over, nor should it be. And the only thing that might bring it into question, is the training ban. It’s a nonsense.
A man of Dermo’s talent, if training with the lads at full tilt and playing in AvB’s, would still be the best player on the field should he walk back into the semi final team. Not 100% sharp, a given, but still DC and the best there is in the game at present.


Pretty sure howards away for the summer


as yet he is no more than an average intercounty panellist.

even if you are related to him…


Dermo is happy enough today anyway. He posted a picture of himself in a converse shop wearing a replica mask from the film predator. :slightly_smiling_face:

What happened is a pain in the arse, but ultimately he can only have himself to blame. He got the minimum ban available, end of story.

It presents a great opportunity for someone else to make a name for themselves now and will no doubt help the intensity in training.


You said the punishment of a 12 week playing ban is totally befitting the crime.The linesman does not deserve more respect than any player from u8s up.His inability to do his job on a number of counts lead to a confrontation. Anyway off to the caravan for the week end fishing.No internet,thank ■■■■.
"Geal that all others are measured by":grin::grin:
Mad C@#t


Bad officials should be pushed around…gotcha! :wink:


You have just let the cat out of the bag, that was his training disguise:)


No but there is something wrong when a linesman makes nothing of an incident that the powers that be to deem to warrant a 12 week ban and a week later the same official is handed the job of reffing an important champo game.


Correct. Was listed in my “things that are wrong” post ^

Also opined that said officials should get a 12 week layoff themselves above


At least four of your names are not journalists. They are GAA pundits who usually give a telephone interview to a ghost writer