Leinster SFC QF 2017, Dublin v Carlow, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Sat June 3rd, 7pm (Live Sky Sports)


That he got it wrong is an assumption on your behalf, it is up to him to decide if he was interferred with enough to warrnat action, both officials clearly saw the incident and neither at the time took action, so basically it is you who is trying to overule there decision and not respecting it.
And BTW I did say 99%, there are always a few exceptions, but the general line from what I have rad and heard both on here and from ex players in the media is that a 12 week ban in the summer is way too harsh.


I was referring to the line call that set all of this in motion.


Run has a serious point,

match officials decisions at the time have to be accepted or on pitch anarchy is the order of the day. One would hope that almost every decision is correct but when you have humans involved mistakes will happen. same any sport, not a GAA exclusive issue


He wasn’t overruled by the ref.


Why does the point in the season matter, when issuing a ban? He was way out of line. He deserved to be sent off (wasn’t) and deserves a ban (was).

Pushing an official, regardless of the level of force, at any point in the season, at any level of the game (or any other game) should be at least a 3 game ban…probably more…

I honestly don’t understand your point? It should be 5 games in Feb, but only one in August…???


I agree, players should know better and epecially when I have never seen an official change his mind due to players protesting, but the officials decision not to take action over the Connolly incident also should be respected and it does not seem like it was.


So they were both wrong…there were lots of wrongs here…

Line Call…wrong
Ref not overruling…wrong
Dermo trying to retain the ball…wrong
3 Carlow lads jostling DC …wrong
Ref/Lino not admonishing them for this …wrong
Not moving the ball up for Dermo not releasing the ball…wrong
Dermo’s reaction to the Lino…wrong
Not sending off DC…wrong
Spilane on TSG ensuring he got banned…wrong
The Ref’s decision not to act being overturned after the fact by the powers that be…wrong
The training element of the ban…very wrong

1800 posts on a Dublin Carlow game in Leinster…wrong.

Lock the thread, its over!


Surely the training ban is unenforceable. I can imagine the fun Joe Brolly would have getting the CCCC to define what a GAA training session is and then proceeding to show 15 ways that what DC and the lads were doing of a Wednesday evening wasn’t covered by that definition.

I did wonder if being told on the qt that the training ban wouldn’t be enforced was the reason the appeal was dropped.


I reckon Con will keep his place, and someone like Schutte could take Dermo’s vacancy, with either CK or Schutte playing alongside Fenton in midfield.


ah yes Mark Schutte the great white hope of Dublin football…


You trying to dictate how things are done …Wrong:laughing:


I think CK is going to be crucial in the absence of Dermo, he is one of the few players that has more or less the same capacity as Dermo to hold on to the ball in tight situations, if we are in a position where we need to close out a tight game this will be vital.


Exactly !!!


I doubt , they would risk that, these things always come out, if he tries to train the media will find out, the only loophole I see is how exactly do you define what training is on an official level. Are clubs and counties obliged to inform when and where they are training, how much time is being spent training etc?
I mean if I am walking by where they are training and they ask me if I want to join in am I officially training?


Are they not obliged to inform the authorities because of possible drug testing?


Oh you’ve only gone and done it now!!! :smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:



It’s what your point was, you were comparing missing 3 gaa championship games with pro soccer players in a league. How can you compare those and not allow for the nature of the championship? It could have been February but the fact is everyone knows its summer, players are more on their guard generally because there’s more to lose.
But you’re right suspensions of course have to be unilateral but in terms of comparing penalties the simple fact is this is a huge penalty because of the context


In the era of picture phones he hasn’t a hope of training


Schutte did nothing against Carlow . Blocked twice and a turnover