Leinster SFC QF 2017, Dublin v Carlow, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Sat June 3rd, 7pm (Live Sky Sports)


Time for a Ban Spillane campaign… by all means cheer for your county but when you move into the realms of getting players banned knowing it will help your own county then your objectivity as a pundit must be seriously called into question.


It strange that black card against Monaghan wasn’t contested at the time. Either way if we reach semi final don’t think he will be involved.


[quote=“Stato82, post:1747, topic:1389”]
It strange that black card against Monaghan wasn’t contested at the time. Either way if we reach semi final don’t think he will be involved.
[/quote]For all we know it probably has been contested but nothing said about it…


Brolly is correct in what Spillane would have said

Had it been, for example, Colm Cooper, would we have reacted with such outrage?

"I can just hear Pat in The Sunday Game studio saying: "We can clearly see when we slow down the footage that Gooch is being assaulted by all three Carlow lads. You can see the elbow going in there. Now the knee. He is one of our most skilful players and surely deserves better than this from the officials. After all, they are standing right beside the incident. Is it any wonder our officials have such little credibility?“
Gooch would have our sympathy. The media and wider GAA public would say, “it was a trivial touch, he was clearly just frustrated at being manhandled in this way.” Would Gooch have been banned?”


This was ‘analyst’ Spillane’s take on the matter. Don’t think I have ever ever heard such a reaction to an incident - explicitly calling for a 12 week ban. It’s actually outrageous. And M Harte thinks he gets a raw deal …

And Spillane said: “This is black or white, this is a very obvious thing."

“Diarmuid was infuriated that a sideline decision went (against him) and not giving the ball back. The pictures here tell it all."

“A picture tells a thousand words, clearly going to Ciaran Brannigan the linesman, clearly putting his hand on the sideline man, which he’s not entitled to do, clearly pushing the linesman which he’s not entitled to do, and clearly, with his finger pointed, threatening the linesman.

“He put his hands on the linesman, he pushed the linesman back and a finger pointed in someone’s face sounds to me like threatening. It’s minor physical interference, it carries a penalty of 12 weeks.”


I don’t know about us been the team to beat your holiness :+1:, looking at Kerry and o’donoghue been back has given them an extra layer. I’m starting to think this is going be a tits up of the year. I hope with DC abscense someone unexpectedly makes an impact. Only thing now will some please think of the media they will have no moral outrage now to write about.


We need to inject pace into forwards. It prob too soon for Howard. Think Mannion has a key role to play. Even looking at brief highlights of Clare/Kerry, Kerry are very vulnerable when teams run at them. We didn’t do too much of that in 2 games against Kerry this year. Will have change that if meet them again.


No gooch would not have been banned are you joking? a national icon banned, the lad that represents all that is good in football? ■■■■ no.


One question- do you think if Spillane had said there was nothing in it that Connolly would’ve got a reduced (i.e. Nothing) punishment?

I think you greatly over estimate the influence that gobshite has on the disciplinary bodies decision making process.


I don’t think it was down to Spillane, but what do you think happened to convince two officials to change their mind, I mean you keep saying “Connolly put his hand on the ref so that is it”, we all know that is it according to the rule, but what we don’t know is why things seem to have changed after the incident.


Think that shows little confidence in the guys we have. Kerry or Mayo aren’t these super skillful teams that we need Dermo to hold them back, why didn’t Mayo unlease Keegan on Galway. We can only play the hand we are dealt and I still believe we are better than those two teams with or without Dermo.
Many a game Dermo has shown us his brilliant skills and been infuential in our victories, we have also had games where he wouldnt play the simple pass and we got punished for it or he got sent off and we had to restructure the team.
I want Dermo playing for us, but it’s disingenuous to some of the great players we have to say we can’t win a big game without him.
Off course we can.


I would agree there and it will be an easy cop out to put an eventual loss down to Dermo being missing, yes he can make the difference, but let’s be honest there have been signs up to now that we are not motoring all that well, I think we need to get that sorted out before looking to Dermo’s absence as an excuse, especially in Leinster.


Opposition will be delighted not to face him but conversely, as he is an integral part of how we play it does mean we have to change it up, thus ruining their best laid plans.

Or something.


First reality check for this team for a long while . This year will be an indication of what life will be like in a few years when he does hit the road . We are not a one man team & they had to soldier on without him when he’s been black carded or sent off . If Jim pulls it off this year a saint hood may be in the offering . But it does have an omnoius feel off it since the league final defeat .


Disappointed that we’ve accepted the 12 weeks suspension without going further but, as has been mentioned above, maybe it was a case of Tuesday night providing clarification in terms of what further appeals would bring or, more to the point, what they wouldn’t bring.

The 12 week minimum ban is an utter joke for the incident involving DC but those out with the torches & pitchforks have strapped themselves to the wording of the rule like a sailor clinging to a ship’s mast in gale force 10 seas. Hope the DCB don’t leave it there at least in terms of pushing for a rule change (no idea how you’d go about effecting such a change tbh but we should try to, on principle of this incident alone).

Hope the muck savages are happy that we’re a massive weapon down. Doubly hope that we stick it to every last motherfookin’ one of the counties that we cross for the remainder of the championship.


In fairness, a lot of players and ex players from other counties have been very sympathetic with Connolly, with most agreeing that 12 weeks is way over the top, a lot of them accepting that he is regularly singled out for treatment and gets little or no protection.


Yeah P … everyone becomes a great guy when they die …


It shouldn’t matter that Higgins’s actions cost Mayo a result vis-a-vis Connolly’s actions. Connolly’s actions were an act frustration. Higgins committed an assault.

We’re all human. I continue to have a lot of time for Keith Higgins.


I don’t think that’s what Dub09 said.


Is it plausible, that the wrong decision was made for the line ball, Diarmo was rightly convinced it was a Dublin ball,and managed to get to it first and gain possession. Linesman unsure looked to Ref. and raised flag for a Carlow ball.The 3 Carlow lads ran onto Diarmo having seen the linesmans flag for a Carlow ball harangued and knocked Diarmo. Diarmo released ball, frustrated both by wrong decision and lack of protection from officials, who were both observing, aired his frustration while pointing at the linesman and making contact with finger tips .
Now having made contact with his hand and the linesman, Diarmo proceeded back onto pitch, the linesman made no reaction to the incident e.g. never lowered his flag, made no attempt to raise contact with ref. or made no physical reaction to the contact. The ref. who was observing also made no reaction, e.g. no card, no talking to player or no immediate discussion with linesman.
Possibly, because the mitigating circumstances, they had made the initial wrong decision,they understand Diarmo was right about the line ball, he has just been harangued and knocked by 3 opposing players and he is rightly elevated & frustrated, so they both individually decide no action required.
Now at the end of the game someone that may have been on the pitch close to the incident , decides this is a serious matter ( nice destraction from a 12 point defeat )and brings it to the refs. attention .Who decides he better make a note as an addendum to his report to ensure his diligence.