Leinster SFC QF 2017, Dublin v Carlow, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Sat June 3rd, 7pm (Live Sky Sports)


Glad it’s put to bed, real shame for the player however.

Are the details of the submissions to the CHC released?


I think it’s done and dusted now – a real shame




Not sure why you say a Third time Alan?..surely the other issues were dealt with and have absolutely no influence on this decision to ignore all the other cock ups by referees that and last weekend, and instead to concentrate on hammering DC? Justice MY Ar3e !


This has no bearing on black cards etc as far as I know.


If we win the All Ireland,. we’ll have overcome similar obstacles Kerry had in 2008 ( with Galvin) and
also Galway hurlers back in 1989 ( with Tony Keady) in going three in a row.


It’s unlikely he is the game changer . If you think the likes of Mayo can release Keegan now to run amok and Kerry know now they have more freedom in the backs it’s become an Everest task


He’s still one black card away from a one game suspension so isn’t he?


But we are not going to meet either team until semis so how is that relevant?


I am glad the circus is over but cannot understand why we bothered with the first stage of appeal and then dropped it. I think there may have been at least a better chance of success with later ones.

But I am really angry about the whole thing. There is simply no doubt that Dublin players get treated differently than others. Connolly has effectively had his season ended over a minor infraction due in no small part to a vociferous and agenda driven campaign by some in the media. Put it this way - if Donaghy did it no fucking way would Spillane have gone on the way he did on TSG. He would have brushed it off as over exuberance and concentrated on the mauling he was getting at the time. Look at the Armagh Down brawl - nothing. Keith Higgins knees someone in the balls - nothing. If it was Dermo??? Or Philly?? Sick of this trial by media sh1t when the print and airwaves are laden with anti Dubs.


He won’t be walking back into the team for the semis. Can’t even train with his club


[quote=“HawkEye, post:1713, topic:1389, full:true”]
He’s still one black card away from a one game suspension so isn’t he?
[/quote]Yes, he is but as far as I know that suspension will not carry through to the All Ireland final should such a scenario arise.


Only conclusion I can come up is whatever they were shown Tuesday night , convinced them that they were on a loser.


Or maybe Dermo just said that’s enough and insisted we go no further. I think we just have to get on with it.


Tuesday was more likely used in an exploratory sense as @bigp said and it looks like retaining Sam/winning the 3 in a row just became a lot more difficult.

Need those lads struggling for form to start hitting the ground running soon and a good trimming of Offaly/Westmeath will start us on the right path.

Could a sleeper like Brian Howard now make Fenton 2015 entrance?


Going to leave this thread open for a little while longer but once we know our opponents for Sunday week then it’s time to move on


Many moons ago I called a certain referee a F##king blind ■■■■■■■ while playing a minor match I was send off and got 3 months suspension.


He’d want to be the Milk Tray Man in fairness


Connolly has had the next 10 weeks of his season ended due to him pushing a linesman. Everything that happened after that is a direct result of that initial action. Please stop with this trial by media nonsense that seems to be thrown out in every second post on here.
The rule he was punished under is particularly harsh and 12 week ban is way over the top given the nature of the incident but there is a minimum suspension so little wriggle room. One thing that may come out of this is a review of the minimum suspensions but that’ll be f@ck all use to DC. That minimum suspension has been in place for a number of years and was an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately it took the DC incident to highlight how draconian it is.


Probably too late to appeal that one.