Leinster SFC QF 2017, Dublin v Carlow, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Sat June 3rd, 7pm (Live Sky Sports)


I want justice with a capital j.


What’s the CAC ?


central appeals committee

the next step in free the Dermo one…he is well used to the acronyms by now. DRA if they are prepared to accept a binding decision if cac failes of if not prepared to accept a binding one, then its the high court


:+1:, cheers , obviously knew the DRA from the last time but wasn’t aware of the CAC .


There is no high court. It’s not a choice. It’s the DRA and that’s it.

Quite frankly the high court is and always was a crazy idea for a sports discipline issue.


my point was that if they dont go DRA route which is binding that the high court could be brought into play. I know it cannot if DRA is.

I personally think this should be european court of human rights issue as the greatest sportsperson Europe has ever produced is being picked on


Not correct. They cannot choose to go to the High Court. The DRA is binding in that it MUST be availed of. There is no alternative to the DRA. Any attempt to even raise it as an issue in the High Court would be rejected because of the DRA. The High Court is not an option under any circumstance.


I took it that the DRA was binding and couldn’t go eslewhere then if one agreed to enter DRA. So the entire process is binding then and no legal cases can ever be taken.

i can see some legal eagle eat that one for for fun and get an injuction. those greedy bstrds wont let any avenue of income stream or publicity evaporate so easily…

meanwhile please support my campaign to bring the Dermo case to Europe, ireland is way to small a platform for this genius


Correct. Membership of the GAA implies acceptance of the DRA as the final arbiter. Hence no court cases.

And spending tens of thousands on a court case is not the way to go even if it was available.


tens of thousands is nothing, we had a poster here who wants millions spent on it !!!

I dont want the court process personally involved at all but that was supposedly the ultimate threat irrespective of how binding a process it is when DRA found favourably in DCs last round of appeals at the last moment


RTÉ radio sport reporting DC NOT going any further.

No source though.


I just heard that also


same as Indo said 1st time around…

i think gavin is stage managing this to turn it into a victim status and have all players thinking they are under national siege


I sincerely doubt it.

I think there’s a slow realisation that there is simply no way he can be exonerated a third time and that they are only wasting their time. To fail to complete a process against a player three times in a row would be beyond embarrassing.

The one thing I do know is that it has been the player’s decision the whole way along.

Edit: It’s official now on Dublin website.



takes a lot to make some people see sense then. a very slow realisation…

i will rephrase Gavin then to management are happy to have a victim and a siege mindset. Mickey Harte knocked years out of similar, only problem for Dublin is they wont have a chalenge on pitch for 10 weeks


And again I’ll make the point that the player has made all the decisions about what he wants to do.


which well could be the case, I suspect neither you nor I know, we both have opinions


Does he serve a suspension if he gets a black card in the semi if he stays on, plays and we get there that it, or does this suspension whipe that out?

Sad day for the GAA imo. Turning into soccer.


I wonder then, if he has NOT been banned from all GAA activity, as in, he can train with the team or at least his club but is not permitted to play?!

Otherwise it seems pointless in going through step one of the appeal but not pursuing it further.