Leinster SFC QF 2017, Dublin v Carlow, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Sat June 3rd, 7pm (Live Sky Sports)


No they couldn’t. The ref is
deemed to have dealt with it. The question of dealing with something by doing nothing and then changing your mind remains the issue.


As things stand, does his suspension not expire on the Friday night before the All-Ireland semi-final due to be played on the 27th August? This would mean he’d be available for a game Saturday 26th August (would this be set aside for a q-f replay?), wouldn’t it? Jim’s master plan… draw the q-f, replay on Sat 26th, DC gets a competitive game in before an All-Ireland semi final. :slight_smile:


Take it all the way to high court if necessary. Get Brolly down with a blue and navy Wig and were laughing. I mean its beyond farce already so why not?


ECJ I say! The Europeans wouldn’t stand for this!


DRA is basically binding arbitration. You can’t go to the High Court AFAIK.


By agreeing to go to the DRA you give up your rights to take the case to the High Court. If you tried to go to the High Court first my understanding is that the Judge will send the case back to the DRA because as a GAA member you accept the rules of the Association which say you must use the DRA to settle internal disputes.

Dublin don’t need Brolly. We have excellent people ourselves with good track records of representing the county and our players and mentors over the years. We just need to get cases to a forum who will listen and give fair play. A Hearings Committee who don’t want to hear is not that forum but they have to be gone through as part of the process.


So let me get this straight. Dermo could be back for the All-I semi, and Murphy abused the linesman but got no sanction? It’s just that nobody seems to have covered these points 587 times above, so I just want to be sure


The high court my hole.


What did he say to the linesman?


I don’t know, he said something to the ref too. I think it needs to be talked about. Seems like a cover-up here


Then I’d be careful about accusing him of anything.




Haven’t heard any audio. But from the footage RTE showed my lipreading was that he called him a a “Ducking Dastard” and a “Banker”. Of course my lipreading was probably wrong and assumably he was just telling the linesman that it was a fair cop and complimented his skill.


Think you might have got it slightly wrong, you seem to have Ds mixed up Fs and Bs and Bs mixed up with Ws other than that it is fine:laughing:


He called him a “f@$king wan%$#”,top of his voice


Jaysus , that’s my reaction to that Kinder Bueno advert


Na Fianna tried to bring the DCB to the high court back when ‘6 subs Bohan’ was there and was thrown out due to it not being a legal matter but a football matter so I presume the ruling is still the same.


Maybe he was talking about Johnny Cooper?


Very few people in the centre of the stand didn’t hear it due to the high volume of sound coming from the player . The remarks above were made as well a statement Or two relating to the linesmans parentage and a mention about locks for balls (where would you buy them)To say that the player was annoyed was an understatement.


I understand why officials need protection…I’ve saw them get abuse at underage level. So in that sense, punishing DC or any other IC players sends a powerful message that even ‘top players’ aren’t immune.

But my view is that DC’s ‘push’ was more petulance/frustration than any attempt to man handle or intimidate a referee.

In that sense, 12 weeks is excessive and effectively ends his season. I didn’t even realise it was a banning incident.

The GAA could’ve had a discretionary ruling depending on the incident; the context, what was said etc. I don’t think DC would’ve argued with say a 3-4 week ban.

But at the same time, the rules are in black and white, and to get off on a ‘technicality’ doesn’t seem right either. The appeals process effectively creates a dual justice system: those who can afford a good defence team…and those who can’t.

If I was Jim G then of course I’d be pushing for such an important player to appeal and have him back in the side. And I’m sure Tyrone, Kerry and Mayo would do the same. If DC was Sean Cavanagh, I’d probably support his appeal as well.

But I honestly think no luck will come from this. He’ll have to walk on egg shells and the media will be all over Dublin. He could become a distraction with every tackle and card analysed.