Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


I think it possibly too early for Howard, but the guy is special. He had a fabulous U21 campaign, he was the main driver behind the whole team. He has a fabulous standing jump for a ball, I think he won about 70% of the thrown ins (start and second half start) at U21 also with clean catches. I think his first touch in senior championship was a no look over the head flick to Kevin Mc - not a start you see every day. And every single play he has been involved in, limited enough through they were, turned to Dublin’s advantage in senior championship. When it gets into the white heat of it this year, it is hard to tell how he would go, he would have been u21 next year again, so he is young. But just maybe he could make the leap this year. He definitely will in the future.


He’s direct. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gavin gives him the freedom to get forward that Fenton was given, but is seemingly curtailed doing this year.


Eir sport showed the 2013 final last night. God it was a strange game. We were rubbish for the first 15 minutes, and made all sorts of horrible decisions. Kilkenny was a long way off where he is now (understandable as he was only a kid then). If it wasn’t for Brogan’s sort of flukey goal we would have been in big trouble.

Yet throughout the mayhem of it all, Cluxton had the easiest kick out game of all time. He was able to find unmarked guys on the half way line, time after time. It was shocking how Mayo let it happen. I remember thinking at half time in the game that we simply could not lose, because we were going to get a score from 60% of our own kick outs.

But the real turning point was O Gara. He won every ball when he went on and they had to put Higgins back on him and took all the pace out of their own attack. But it was a strange, horrible type of game - just a great result.


I just brought howard up because at the moment he seems to be first choice midfield replacement (ahead of Bastick and Reddin). The lad is very young and it probably is a bit early alright but he is a serious talent. I have been surprised with the lack of game time Bastick has had, I could see him doing the Daly role of the last number of years and doing a job when it really matters.

The midfield partnership of Bastick and Fenton is/was perfect, it is very unfortunate that they didn’t have a few more years to develop that pairing. One just getting going when the other was coming to an end.


Agree on bastic, can’t understand why he is not brought on with ten minutes to go. Has never let us down in the last 6 years


I love bastic but he looked off the pace last year so I can’t see How he count be better year. I hope mc cawley gets back and between him and Howard we will have options


That would be the best scenario


When Ger Brennan scored that booming point into the Davin i knew we had it. Dull atmosphere in Croker that day too. Then the mess up of the last free Mayo had, was a bit of a weird ending.


It wasn’t an enjoyable game at all. Atmosphere was very flat at the end. One thing I remember about Cluxton’s kickouts in the second half was that whenever the O’Sé bros. were in the middle he’d ping it out to either side and make them run. They just didn’t have the legs to track their men.


Mobility was a big thing that day. Aldan o Shea came into the game as invincible. Ultimately, Cian and MDMA, who were both magnificent that year, gave him and his brother the run around in the second half on a very hot day, with Cluxton, Flynn exceptional also

We had a lot of injuries that day with Mannion, Andrews, Cooper O Gara , o Carroll getting injured/concussed and Jack McCaffrey subbed at half time


And that’s still the same… Aido chasing after Philly in 2015 - he just gave up.


That’s very true. I remember seeing a former Dublin player being interviewed on Jones Road before the game, (might have been Barney), and Marty or whoever was interviewing him asked about how would the Dublin midfield be able to cope with the O’Sheas who would be bigger, stronger and have the physicality to out muscle Dublin. He just smiled and said words to the effect of ‘yeah, they will out muscle them, if they can catch up with them’. Never a truer word was spoken. For all the problems we had in the first half that day I was confident we could win by half time because there were Mayo players blowing hard all over the place.


We also just didn’t play well. Keegan had a brilliant game that day .
But the team was at its peak and could win playing badly


Spot on. How many times did McCarthy run across to the opposite wing on his own to collect a kick-out? Their midfield was on its arse.

Still, if Horan was a better ‘wartime’ manager we could have been in trouble.


Yes, looking at it again, I was amazed how bad we were. With the exception probably of O Gara and the full back line.


I’ll never understand 'till my dying day, why they took off Seamie and left his useless brother on. I’ll be forever grateful that Ado was left on, but I’ve always wondered if the possible backlash over their superstar player getting the curly finger, led to Horan leaving him on, especially as he came into the game so over hyped.

He can’t have been left on, because of how he was performing. He was utterly woeful, especially in the second half when the heat began to affect both teams. It’s always been in the back of my mind, when talk comes up of Aido being bigger than the team comes up.


As Louis Walsh would gush - your a star Aidan. A star.


Something has to account for it. The likes of Berno or Colm Copper may be left on when they are under performing, as Jim Gavin and Eamonn Fitzmaurice know they can win a game with one moment of magic. Back in 2013, Big Aido was very, very far from being in that category.

With all his meeja gigs these days, James Horan is busier than a two dollar hooker at a sex addicts convention. But has he ever addressed Aido’s disappearing acts in AI finals and semi finals, especially against us? Apart from the usual whinging about double marking and big men having to work harder to get frees, I’ve yet to hear a valid reason for it.


He’s not the worst . In fact I think he’s fairly reasonable towards Dublin


2015 previewing AI final Kerry will win " because their players have a greater skillset " like WTF does that even mean ??