Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


The gap is closing to the pack for sure, the question is whether or not we will be caught & overtaken this year.


The dreaded hunger notion comes into it. Often derided but in a game between evenly matched teams that will or drive (or more importantly sheer refusal to lose, a la ourselves in 2011) can make the difference.

Kerry have that determination to beat us or more importantly not lose again to us. That counts, if the game is close enough.

Similar with Mayo. I firmly believe this Dublin team is and has been comfortably better than them over this past period but that Mayo’s sheer strength of character/ resilience/ will to win/ refusal to lose/ hunger/ whatever has helped to keep them competitve. (That’s not to deny the obvious abundance of skill they have but it is commonly accepted they are/ were lacking in key areas compared to other teams.)


Could not agree more TL


I would hope our drive for 3 in a row and utter immortality will be the fuel that drives our boys on …


If we discover an ability to put goals away like we have been doing to date i’d be quite confident this year. Time will tell.

I’d agree with Bart re being a lot better than other teams in 2015 but we never showed that superiority on the scoreboard. Hopefully Mannion and Con can go well in the AI series. Brogan may push Paddy for a start next day.


To me against the northern teams Bernard is better suited to coming off the bench when the game has opened up


Sweeney had a shot to win it for Mayo in the first game? And Keegan’s dropped shot to put 5 in it in the second game???


Never thought we were in danger in either game Sehan. Unlike 2016 when we there to be beaten.

There was 20 minutes left in the second game at that point and we won handy


Possibly - with the caveat that the game will only open up if the ‘northern team’ has to chase it. Monaghan have given us good League games but will be dealt with in the Champo the same way as 2014.


Yeah and that’s the worry. The three year cycle has come around and it looks like thumping Monaghan will have everyone thinking us unbeatable. And then Tyrone, more Donegal than Donegal themselves, ready to dispense another bloody nose … we’re doomed.


sure we are always doomed, even when we are dooming others. Just rebrand us as Doomblin. Should keep everyone happy! :thumbsup:


I honestly can’t see why Tyrone are being talked up. Huge admiration for SC - but he is 34!! His bro - an ordinary enough player - is a mainstay of this team. We retired plenty of much better Tyrone lads in the past - after years of hammerings - we’ll retire 1/2 more this year if it comes to it …


We’ve never beaten this crowd my much . We get more trouble off mayo and Tyrone then Kerry


The monkey off our back was beating them in 2010 - and then we destroyed them with sublime football the next year ended route to Sam. Dermo was out of this world.

Surprisingly no Champo meeting since, so we can’t appraise Tyrone - League form irrelevant… I don’t really rate them at all but that’s just my opinion


Personally admire MH too much not to fear his teams, despite their poor shows in the latter ends of season lately.


I would agree with you there, best pure forward I’ve seen play


I think Bernard Brogan is easily the best marksman (go to scoring forward) of his generation.


I’m inclined to agree as long as the assumptions about mobility made earlier in the year hold true. BB looks to have got through a good bit of work and looks a lot leaner. Serious praise due to him if that’s true as it shows the fortitude of the man. You’d imagine it will cross Gavins mind if Flynn isn’t available.


Kevin Feely black card rescinded



Feely appealed all his 3 black cards by the look of the GAA statement and it was the card from 26th March that was rescinded.