Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


I don’t think he did.


Well I’m glad you said it because I’d be accused of paranoia but even when my paranoia is taken out of the equation it leaves the obvious questions of why do certain analysts behave in a particular, different way towards certain teams? Spillane has always been a bit of a WUM and has a sense of humour so I always took his stuff as entertainment, Brolly not much different despite being much more of an intellectual. But the others haven’t earned those passes.
Im still waiting for someone to show they don’t seriously think Gooch would have spoken very differently about Kerry winning a game like that in that fashion. This notion that “they’re afraid to say anything negative about Dublin now” is pure BS, just more of it. The only thing they’re afraid of is being called out for poor, inconsistent, and insincere analysis. I never had a problem with Spillane and COR calling it as it is with Dublin teams over the years but the overwhelming army of people from Kerry and lately Mayo saying the same things and some pretty outrageous stuff too and getting away with it scot free means that any of them now will get pulled up for anything because they’ve made their own bed. You live by manipulative (s)words you die by scepticism.


3-in-a-row is, and would be a once in a century thing, if it were achieved. The next team from here on will not do it, especially if Gavin not around and even if he is he will have been there too long. We have just about still the ideal mix(or enough of it) of experience and youth but only IF we get some of the lads with many miles on the clock back and fit and with more than bit parts to play


Last time we thought that against a serious team we lost. Last time we did that against Kerry we had the much younger team


We won’t outscore them without Connolly at his best, and Andrews contributing more. Without that we don’t have the players proven to kick the longer range scores under the highest pressure.


The point I would make to counter that would be if they leave 6 backs against our 6 forwards, we won’t need to kick very many long range shots under pressure. Against any team I fancy our lads to be able to create enough space to pick off east scores in one v one situations


I don`t know the stats, but it would not surprise me if the starting 15 last Sunday were as young if not younger than any starting 15 over the past 7 years, only one player over 30 and that was Cluxton AFAIK, a good few the right side of 25, Scully, O Callaghan, Kilkenny, Fenton, Lowdnes, Small., Mc Caffrey Mannion, over half the team.


They have 2 top forwards in geaney and o donohue ,
After that they struggle for scores


I noticed in the Westmeath and Kildare match we were very loose down our left hand side in both games the number 5 had free reign down that side this also needs to be looked at. I also noticed a number of times when cluxton was trying to take a quick kick out some of our players had their backs to him and were not aware of what was going on , I noticed this on numerous occasions


I don’t think there actually is a kick out system, even though we are renowned for it. I think guys run around and Cluxton hits them. It works, but I think a system would be better. It should be like a quarterback hitting running backs like in American football. With the right system you should never lose a kick out as there must be scope for giving two options depending on what the opposition do. This years u21s had a system, and it worked very well.


Cian hasn’t man marked for a while . Since he marked cooper in 2013. Teams are not allowing him be the spare man anymore


It was clear he was put on flynn to man mart after about 25min.


Man marked Heslin for a period too.


I thought Flynn largely gave him the run around . Flynn missed 1-2 worth of easy chances in the second half . A more clinical player would have buried them


Maybe so but he was given the job To do. He is defiantly more comfortable playing That role further away from goal.


I thought Flynn largely gave him the run around . Flynn missed 1-2 worth of easy chances in the second half . A more clinical player would have buried them


So you said!


I thought Flynn largely gave him the run around . Flynn missed 1-2 worth of easy chances in the second half . A more clinical player would have buried them


I promised kick out stats, so here yas go. These are the combined stats of our 3 games so far, courtesy of @dontfoul on twitter. Of the 33 short kick outs we’ve taken, we’ve manufactured a shot differential of +26. And on short kick outs against, the shot differential is only -9, so to be quite honest, according to stats, so far we’ve been genuinely lethal on all kick outs, be it long, short, for or against.

While yes we are weaker defending short kick outs we’re not nearly as poor as I thought to be honest.


Thank you kind sir/madame. I shall take that as a compliment.