Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


Your team did your county proud, scoring 1-17 is no mean feat, as far as I know the statistics suggest you need to score 17 points or more to beat a Jim Gavin Dublin team so gave yourselves a chance, I think you will make the quarter finals.


Kildare had a great first half - eventually -hardly if any wides. But they reverted to type at the start of the second half and kicked some woeful wides and gave soft turnovers. You do that to a team like Dublin and they will punish you. You could see the confidence drain out of them - all the good first half work undone. O’Neill touched on it after too.

So I don’t buy into this back slapping kind of patronising ‘well done you scored 1-17’ stuff. They easily won the midfield battle in the second half yet lost it by 5 points - that’s with them scoring a goal and Dublin not. 15 scores to 8. How did that happen? They had a terrible first 20, a great last 15 but killed themselves in the second half. Allowing for a silly refereeing decision they lost by 11 points. That’s poor considering the players they have, the possession and the chances. If I was management and players - and fans - I’d be looking for a big improvement next day.


Kildare let themselves down with the two goals in the first half. Even with the chance for goal in the second half they had the opportunity to tighten the game up.


Where Cluxton and his blue WKD :joy:


We played well but not brilliant. Had a much lower spread of scorers than normal too. Goals aside take out Con and BB and you’re left with 6 points … Kildare had as much to do with their own downfall as we had.


Connolly banned from drinking with the team too?


Channeling their inner Jimmy Keavney!


Congrats to the lads job done and as we all know stronger challenges ahead.

Without sounding lika nit picker and i know the game was well over the Cluxton/Fitzsimons goal mix up was a worry of me. Mick is a good player never let us down but i wouldnt be so quick to say he was waiting for Cluxton to come or he lost it in the sun. 101 as a full back unless the keeper calls its in your area we have to go for it. If he lost the flight of it in the sun he should at least have been closer to the FF.

There was a similar incident in the first few minutes where one of the Kiladre midfielders drifted in front of the goal, physically won the ball from Fitzsimons and should have had a goal. If Kerry were watching i’m sure the long diagonal ball to Geaney will be wel honed prior to a summer meeting. Have to say it was a worry for me and one where i wish we had Rory O’Carrol back for. I’d even be happier if Philly took the FF in those situations as if he didnt win it in the air he would at least spoil it and no be physically over powered.

After a good league and leinster championship there still seems a lot of competition and it would be a brave man to predict the XV the next day.

Bernard put his hand up and looked like he’s not ready to be a cameo performed at the end of a match. John Small and James McCarthy are two beasts who always seem to do the simple things so well.

By the way if were commenting on Kildare players and haircuts in the fashion stakes why has there been no comment on the new Paddy ‘Socks Down’ Andrews look. He threw me for a while during the play was trying to figure out who it was. Seems Eoin O’Gara is the last of the socks up brigade.


It was clearly the keeper’s fault in my view. I don’t understand why Cluxton gets a free pass on it.


I’ve looked at it a few times now, I think both are culpable for the error. Neither called it. Rest assured, this won’t happen again. That’s one thing that will irk Jim highly I’m sure. Clucko and Mick are 2 of our most solid performers. I wouldn’t be too concerned this will happen again.


I might be old school but for me the keeper should have just cleaned Fitz out and apologised afterwards .
Anyway it wasn’t a key moment


Dont agree with you on scully he was on more ball than any dublin player in the 43 mins he was on ,was given a job to do for the team .


Should hawkeye not have been used in first half when Paddy shot hit upright it looked like it came down on the net and back into play.


Agree. Thought it hit stansion over the crossbar and bounced back. Not sure hawkeye is designed for shots like that though.


We lost a goal in similar fashion to Kerry last year and to Donegal (1st) in 2014


Was on the Hill and I’m convinced that it was over the bar, not many appeals from the lads but.


Would’ve brought up the handicap :flushed:


In the case of the umpires getting a call wrong, hawkeye will automatically come into play, it doesn’t need to be called upon by the ref, they can contact him. So it is literally impossible for an incorrect call to be made in relation to the scoring of a point


Happened in the minor game. Umpire waved a Louth point wide and the ball was back in play when the ref obviously got a message along the lines of ‘are you f**kin blind?’ from Mr or Mrs Hawkeye (they don’t miss much), He drew the rectangle (rugby refs imaginary tellies are much bigger btw) and up came the Ta and the Wee Wee Men got their point!


Did anyone else see the umpire in one of the games on Saturdays shocking attempt at drawing a rectangle?? Genuinely hilarious…