Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


I’d say if you suggested that to his face he might get a bit touchy


Given your username I have to respect your view on this one …


One sleep … I mean game til Dermo …


yes you needed a 10 point win…-9 is only a draw


Stick to ‘evens’ so. :wink:

Yes you needed a 10 point win or more. I never bet on scores, that game could easily have been a 15 point win, when you look at the two late ‘goals’.


Yeh but “ransacked”? (a fine word/term though I must say, and any even dubious opportunity to make use of it should be taken with open sacks, er, I mean arms)


The fellow beside me in the lower Cusack said the same thing. So that makes two. (Unless that was you!)


That was my immediate thought, that we were cleaned out in there.

And a fine word.


I did wonder the same when I saw the replay, but I’d give him the benefit of the doubt.


when they go over they are always meant


I think we lost some of the balls on the Kildare kick outs - but they had two huge men there, and good footballers too. You are always going to lose some of them. The mark makes losing these more important then they were - but once you set up quickly it is not the end of the world. On our own kickouts I think we won more then our fair share given there were a few that went wrong as you say.

But overall, our midfielders influenced the play more then theirs. We controlled the middle of the field from open play and could move through it at will. I do hope though that Feeley somehow gets his black rescinded and is able to play the next day as they deserve to go further. It was a black card offence, but maybe there is just a bit of wiggle room there in that it wasn’t a text book block to get him out of it.

Howard is a special talent. He had a better u21 campaign then O Callaghan, and as we have seen, he isn’t too shabby a player…


Not sure on your thinking here Wifi. So they deserve to go further but may not if one of their top players correctly serves a suspension??

It’s his third black card - fine player but only himself to blame. We are down a top player for 12 weeks for a minor incident.


[quote=“Wifi, post:653, topic:2172, full:true”]

Howard is a special talent. He had a better u21 campaign then O Callaghan, and as we have seen, he isn’t too shabby a player…
[/quote] I know I’m biased but I thought the game was crying out for him to come in earlier to replace Scully or even to partner Fento in the middle of the park and let James Mc drop back into the backs.


Would have loved to have seen that but never likely given Jim’s relative conservatism. Our midfield situation is very strange this year. Denis has stayed on but no sign of him - this after very little game time last year either - and MDMA not appearing either through injury mostly … apparently.


Ah yeah, but we feel hard done by over Connolly, and that was a correct decision (just on that, I haven’t seen the Cody thing I was reading about, but he seemed to have done something very similar), so I think they can feel a little hard done by on Feeley. Not that it is going to keep me awake or anything, but I would like to see Leinster teams progressing and I think the 3 black card thing and suspension is harsh enough considering how black cards can be earned. I like the black card in general, but I think it can be tweaked a bit.


Three smacks of a serial offender though …


Was having a beer outside Gills corner and MDMA actually just cycled down to Croker which i thought was odd that he wasnt even on the bus or with the squad…this was at 315pm


That’s just…spokey.

People were downplaying Gooch’s comments and Brolly’s challenging of them. I think what you have to remember is this, it’s subtle. It plays to what he knows many Dublin viewers want to hear, and what helps motivate opponents that bit extra.

Gooch did not say one single critical or questioning thing about Dublin’s performance. This was after a game we were expected to win at a canter and had a 15 minute spell where we let the game get away. And after we clearly got cut open in the central channel on several occasions throughout the game.

Now ask yourselves, if this was Kerry he was commenting on, what would he have said, only positive and praising and gushing tings? No.

“Fitzy will be worried about (this and that)”. “Kildare showed up this and that potential weaknesses.” “Kerry won’t get away with that against better teams”. “It’s early days yet, no All-I s handed out in July”. “Munster has been very weak for a while now…no real challenge to Kerry etc etc”. “It’s good to have plenty to work on”.

Now compare and contrast. Gooch is no longer a player, he’s meant to be a fairly objective, and insightful, intelligent analyst.


Al , it doesn’t matter what Gooch does or doesn’t say. It’s completely irrelevant.
Guy gave an opinion no big deal.


IMO it is relevant, part of a concerted lack of reasonable treatment of Dublin games/team by certain elements. At the least it’s relevant from a quality of presentation/program stance.