Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


Wouldn’t mind seeing the McCarthy shoulder or similar but instead we get nonsense last 12 ranking.


Ranking is nearly right …






@rochey Do you also mean the Tommy Carr era - he won nothing in four years with dublin despite all the great fun everyone had

Also Con played number 12 - Why should he suddenly put into a already highly competitive full forward line


Having watched it back there it looked like Fitz lost the ball in the sun.

Also I agree about not showing the defensive shoulder, highlights shouldn’t just be about scores.


No, I meant the Lyons era. That man was a blight on our game IMO. At least with Carr, while the talent was limited, I felt the pushed themselves to the nth degree.


Flynn’s point is score of the year to date.


What about the Carr era ? I thought that was crap


I explained that above.


Very proud moment for you today Rochey and well deserved.


It was … ignoring the 9/10 steps … and the fact he should’ve been in the stand … but kudos. Was right in line in the Suite and knew it was over the minute he hit it. Nearly choked on the prawns in my Thai green curry …


Each to our own Rochey - but I think we’re in agreement in where we are now - I’m also personally delighted we had Philly and Small back in defence today - Massive players for us - I’d also never drop Dean rock


Once again our strength in depth really is amazing. Not many other counties could lose a player like Deano to a black card and be able replace him with someone like Berno.


Watched the shoulder back, lovely hit.

One thig that was noticeable from a number of players was the amount of sloppy passing, both foot and hand passes going astray.


I could almost hear him saying “boom”!! :smile:


Thank you!


he is history ,we have moved on


The fella who left Mrs Brown’s Boys?


So it’s the winner from Armagh vs Monaghan vs down ?? Would have said Monaghan we will be playing but after watching them play Carlow not so sure .

Round 4 and quarter-finals of the football championship will be unreal