Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


This year will hinge on being able to keep Brogan and Kev Mc on the bench . If we can we will be in a great position . If we can’t it will be a close run thing
Cian isn’t playing as well as he can . Tough for Small today as it’s his first day back but he will get better
First time I’ve seen Fenton lose faith in himself . Needs to back himself more and start spraying those foot passes like he can


It will be Ulster teams in 1/4 and semi final (if we get there ) so I expect the team to be set up more like last year the next time

I think Kildare have a great chance against Monaghan or Armagh the next day if they play with the same energy as today so they could well play Tyrone in the 1/4 final


A few poor passes early seemed to knock his confidence. I’m sure him will work to get him right for the next day


Keep going back, he was the best player on the pitch in an all Ireland club final in 2008. The fact he wasn’t a regular only Pillar or Lyons can answer that one. Probably the same reason Brogan wasn’t until he was 24/25.
Connolly more natural for me. Anyway it’s a messi vs ronaldo debate except we’re lucky enough to have them both. Hardly that strange an opinion.


Jim picks on form and it will be very hard to drop Bernard after today.


And nine years ago was 2008. Maybe switch on to the shandies.


And a couple of bad wides. He’s entitled to a bad game in fairness and the constant change behind and in front of him, as well as besides him can’t help.


I’ll raise you Con was an all Ireland u21 winner star minor and had a far greater body of work at 21 then Connolly
He may not get to Connollys level by 30 but at this point he’s a few lengths ahead in my view


Well 9 years ago was 2008 actually, at which stage DC was nowhere near a regular as far as I remember.


Well if I’m on the Shandies you’re on the Russian Vodka. My evidence is grounded in fact . Yours is nothing more than opinion.


He’s not quite himself this year . We badly need him to find form again. We can’t win without him.
Mc Carthy was very good today and I thought Lowdnes was excellent too. He’s surprised me a lot .


Add in 2017 there brightwhite… :wink:

And leave up all them white flags around Kildare… ye can say they are for your latest surrender to the mighty Dubs! :grin:

Now … I’m off down Coronation St to celebrate our historic 7 in a row


Despite what you like to believe, yours is still only an opinion. Nothing more which may come as a surprise to you.


O’Callaghan was phenomenal today, looks a natural. That Gavin put him on the frees says it all.

Brogan was excellent, really on it, kicked some fabulous points.

John Small was good, certain starter.

Mannion quietened after a decent start.

O’Sullivan possibly off the pace a tad.

Mixed bag otherwise, lot of moving parts and variables which can break both ways when it gets serious.

We’ll see how it goes from here. Goals were well worked and well taken then we put it away. Middle 8 a concern. Think it’s been a good year for Scully but might be enough, we need more of a presence.

I wouldn’t be any more fearful going on as we’ve always been open to being turned over, we don’t put teams away. We have areas to work on but I think there’s a lot bubbling away in the background for us too.

Must comment on Flynn’s point under the Hogan. Top class skill and execution. Superb. They gave it a right rattle today, and bar a couple of bad misses could have been right in it. They are coming along nicely.


Was only able to follow today’s events on Twitter but looking forward to seeing Con’s performance.

No MDMA or Flynn among the subs today. Are these two simply fecked for the year? Hopefully not but I’m beginning to wonder.


Well Done today it was never really a contest after the two goals despite us scoring 1-17 Con O’Callaghan will terrorise teams for years to come. I’m not too despondent from a Kildare point of view a few of our players didn’t stand up today but overall we never threw in the towel as we have done in the past it’s a young team and a year in Div 1 will stand them well and we could be back in Croker yet this year if we can pick ourselves up after today. 7 in a row is ominous for the rest of Leinster and it could be many more so I hope this Kildare outfit can make Leinster more competitive in the next few years for the sake of Gaa.


Midfield still a major worry.

I think Con might push Rock off the starting 15.


Who knows if gone for the year but you’d imagine they would be in the mix at this stage if viable options. We’ll see. Concerned re Flynn to be honest.


I think maybe only four of the team that started today started the 2011 final. That is a remarkable change, none of the main challengers would have anything like that. It bodes very well for the future, we will be winning All Ireland’s for 10 years, but I am not sure about this year. Without Flynn, Connolly and Cooper we won’t have the conditioning to beat a Kerry or Mayo. They are further along the road then most of the team that played today. But hopefully we will have them, if we do, we are going to be close. If we don’t, we are not going to win the AI.


Don’t think Con and Dermo are comparable at all - completely different players.

Kildare, after a horrible start (1 point after 20 mins), came back into it well. Last 15 of 1st was worrying as we dropped off them. I think Kildare killed themselves with the first 10/15 of the 2nd half with some horrible wides and very cheap turnovers. We popped over the scores and soon it was out to 8/9 and you could see the life draining out of them. They are fit enough though some were blowing hard - but they are way behind conditioning wise.

They conceded a lot of kickouts to us but when they pressed Cluxton had a few melters - worryingly. When they ran at us too big gaps appeared and we just didn’t get to the runners - despite having numbers there. Thought Eric was great - time to cut him some slack. Jack Mc had one of his quietest ever games.

Con was sublime and BB brilliant. Despite many here constantly putting him out to grass … not me! The man has still buckets to give if he gets the right ball.