Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


Always good to win silverware but we were never going to lose this.

Plenty to work on going forward. The midfield and half forward line is a worry especially when you’ve no Dermo and Flynn and then Kilkenny and Fento having quieter games.

But Con was class and very calm on the ball and also Berno too really out his hand up to start the next day. Dean is under serious pressure.


Hate to say this but thought O’Rourke made very good point that other Leinster teams need to step up to the plate. And that we’ve raised the bar very high.
Credit to Kildare, they scored some excellent points, if they play with the same intensity I could see them getting to semi-final.


Kildare are going in the right direction for sure.


7 in a row job done and delighted, but I do have to say conceding 1-17 is a bit of a worry, Kildare are improving but that’s too big a score to concede for me when the teams are compared, Kilkenny losing a fair bit of possession in the first half and leaving us exposed (was all over the park in fairness 2nd half tho) but must now have JG pressed to stabilise The middle and stop changing, Brogan was excellent when he came on and Con was super, great save by Cluko but there was a couple of stinker kick outs too, we took some lovely points too, on to the quarters we go, hope we up another gear, really shitting meself for if and when we meet Kerry but we can claim this 3 in a row if we get the right 15 in their best positions, couple of Guinness chilling and a ham sambo for the Sunday game now, me own little 7 in a row celebration, Up the Dubs


Scully had an excellent first half. Slowed somwhat in the second but did enought to start again next day. Lownes was also very impressive particularly in the first half. Con was simply amazing…for a hurler. IMO


I don’t buy that, he is gone a while and 2014 against Donegal proved that no matter how good your full back is, it all boils down to the protection he gets and the system played.


hope you are right iniesta


Ocallaghan is something else ,Bernard or Connolly were no where near his ability at his age, closest thing to him was Al brogan


Tend to agree . His skill set is quite frankly phenomenal .


An almost complete performance, for a smallish guy his strength on the ball and retention skills are very impressive.
6 from play in a fairly competitive-ish debut Leinster final and to step up and take the free taking responsibility is astounding for one so young.
This kid has all the makings of a genuine superstar.


I’d wait until we have played someone before canonizing him. He really hasn’t played in a serious game yet.

The game today was not competitive.


He’s at home, contemplating the inequities of life.


Con o Callaghan wouldn’t be small - maybe 5:11 with a big frame


Think Andrews is the odd man out.


Can somebody tell me what happened between gooch and brolly on the Tele. Somebody alluded to an incident earlier


Nothing. Someone on here reading something into nothing.
Orourke and brolly had the most heated debate but it was all very tame.


Connolly at his age was better in my opinion.
O’Callaghan still has to prove it in a big (i.e. close) game. That said, he certainly is going in the right direction.


Connolly wasn’t even a regular at senior inter county level at 21.
He’s 30 . Nine years ago was 2009 . He most certainly had not scored 0-12 in a Leinster final
You’re entitled to your opinion but it’s a strange one.


A bit of a worrying performance, for 20min kildare walked though us and midfield is a concern. I feel for Fenton he is outnumbered all the time and was due a poor performance. I would have liked to see McCauley get some game time as we need someone beside him the next day.

Brogan and Con were outstanding. Mannion I expected a bit more from but he was moving positions.


Looked to me like Gooch went into yerra mode about the Dubs being so magnificent etc etc and Brolly picked up on it straight away. Lester quickly moved onto another point but Im sure by the grin on Gooch’s face he knows he’s not a yerra zen master just yet.