Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


Just saw the Con O’Callaghan post match interview - very focussed player , still very much with his game face on . Great performance on pitch and good tv performer too !


After every score he was straight into organizing for the kick out, suspected he’d make the grade, that kind of focus will help.

Ridiculous that referee called back manion for the goal :goal_net:


After all the talk of Dublin fans arriving late, I noticed a lot of the Kildare fans seem to think a football match only lasts 60 minutes? O’Callaghan and Brogan were class. Ridiculous black card, smacked of a new ref wanting to make a name for himself. He was poor throughout.

Defensively still a worry, Philly didn’t look fit and cooper was fairly hobbling around in his tracksuit after the game.

Don’t think we’ll see Scully again this year, poor enough performance unfortunately.


Easy game. Over after 7 mins. Amazing to think they thought they’d be competitive. Embarrassing the state of Leinster. Second gear from the GOAT again


Actually thought gooch was pretty good on de panel … Kept outta the pontificating of the other 2 …


Thought we would win by about ten pulling up. We did. Won’t be really tested till the semi. If then.


Ref was 100% right to give Rock the black card. Grabbed the lad by his ankle which caused him to fall. Really stupid by Rock, but anyone can make a mistake in the heat of the moment. (Great finish for the goal, keeper fell for him looking straight at the other side)

I thought the ref had a really good start, let play go whenever he could. But once he started whipping out cards, he couldn’t stop!

Good performance by the lads. Con great, delighted to see Berno come on rather than EOG and he was super

Conceded too much, need to get back to Cian holding the centre.


I thought he wasn’t as developed as we thought??

Cracking game from him


Looks like Dublin v Tyrone in Semi Final


What happened there?


naturally as good as Connolly I think . Truly remarkable player


Anyone heard from BrightEwan? Hope he’s ok? Surely he should be home by now they were all gone with 12 left


I thought Kildare did alright overall . But Fenton had probably his poorest game in a Dublin jersey . The space down the middle was frightening around Cian and Small
Still plenty to work on


Loads to work on, the thought of Kerry forwards getting that much space is quite frightening.


I don’t t remember seeing such a complete performance for some time. Aside from what he scored, he set up another 1-2 or so? His ball retention for his size is amazing also. Looking forward to many years of this special talent.

Lots to work on…seems like we are closer to the 2014 model than I can remember…


Reasonably happy with that, although there are certainly areas for improvement. Once the second goal went in I felt the game was over, unfortunately it seemed the lads felt the same. The intensity feel right off and we were badly out scored in the second quarter. Thankfully they picked it back up after the break.

Good performances from Con and Brogan (who should be back to a starter based on that). I felt Fenton, Cian and Kilkenny had very mixed performances.


have to agree ,it was very sloppy defending at times ,but time may prove that kildare are a good side a tough nut to crack for monaghon who i think they will beat and i feel they will give tyrone a game of it .


He’s very talented . Croke park is made for him .


Lots of negatives and one real positive (Con OCallaghan) which is a compliment to the standards this group has set. Fenton was poor but he gets a free pass at this stage for one bad game. Kilkenny coughed up possession way too much in the first half but improved.
The major concern would be the space down the middle. Kildare didn’t play with a designated sweeper so that meant it was man to man and Cian wasn’t free to protect the D. If Kerry fancy themselves and go with the same tactic i.e Murphy not dropping back from 11, we could be in trouble due to the talent in their inside forward line. Personally I don’t see any other group of forwards good enough to get close in a shoot out.
Job done and the game plan has been slightly different in every championship game this year so we may keep guessing exactly what way we will set up against one of the top few sides. I do think the midfield 2 will remain James and Fenton tho.
I don’t think we will get a real challenge until we play Tyrone, Kerry or maybe Mayo although that is doubtful.


i just have a feeling at the end of the year we will be regretting the loss of rory o carroll .