Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


Nah not by a longshot. That honour goes to Mayo! Defo in Leinster though!


Ciaran is the main man now in Dermo’s absence in terms of linking defence and attack. Our best player so far this year. Think he could play anywhere on the pitch.

Reasonably confident about today. Giving youth it’s chance against young opposition. Half forward line is inexperienced if that team starts.


Think you’re onto it there alright. 2014 all over again/revisited?

Best of luck to the lads today, especially the newer ones. Do yourselves proud!

I’m abroad, anybody got links for both Provincial finals today?


Long time lurker here but first time posting. Best of luck to both teams today as a Kildare fan I will be hoping for us to at least put up a fight and for the sake of Leinster football. But if Dublin steamroll us I will sit back and watch one of the greatest teams I have ever seen and be glad I have the opportunit. This Dublin team will be spoken of for decades to come and it will be no disgrace to loose to them, even as a Kildare fan I love the sight of the hill in full voice. Dublin are the benchmark to see our progression and build for the coming years but Dublin have talent and back up in every position down through to underage so I hope you Dublin fans revel in this golden era it’s something we can only dream of but it’s that dream of one day lifting the Delaney cup and even Sam again that makes the Gaa so special.


As regards Con not having Championship experience, is a club All Ireland not good enough? He was the focal point of a lot of attention on and off the pitch and did pretty well out of it. If you’re good enough, you’re ready.


Now @BrightWhite, that’s how you do it… best of luck and enjoy the day gaafan!


There is a difference between club and inter county. Con looks the part though, think he’ll be alright.


Subs below - Philly and Small there - No Cooper or Costello or Flynn


I think several posters here said Jim was flying a kite saying everyone was fit …


In France Going to a bar in the foothills of the pyrenees to watch the match! up the Dubs


One among them lads will not play this season …


No not suggesting 2014 again … More that I think he may have realized the slow build up is Sussed and he needs to bring pace back … We had become v v predictable I feel n relatively easy for a good team to defend … Balance between pace and avoiding 2014 had gone too far in my opinion


Inside news from Singapore … Eoin Doyle has broken his hand …


Lads, any links to watch online?


Kildare website says fynn gone as well


Blue panther flag on the Hill :blush:


Good man yerself Blue


Small and Philly in for O’Gara and Butsy.


McCarthy having a masterclass so far

Con o Callaghan with two points and a great assist for second goal


Been opened up when they tun down the middle