Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


Your one sad ■■■■■■■


We’ll be in nice and early to see our minors in the Final. God imagine if we won the senior, U21 and minor Leinster finals!!! We haven’t done that since, well since … oh … only 2014 … and 2012 … and 2009.

Nobody else has done that treble. Not even Kildare … imagine …


And we are still in with a shout at Under 17 as well


Game Day

I didn’t have the young lad with me for the semi final so I wasn’t paying attention but today I do, what’s the new policy around bags like, are they strict to the A4 size?


It wasn’t too strict at the Semi in the Cusack, plenty of fairly large plastic bags with the sangwidges seemed to get through.


To all going today, enjoy the game and like others have said get in early if you can to cheer on the Minors :grinning:


Awake at 6am Greek time (holliers).

Maybe it was the heat.
Maybe it was the mosquitoes.

Most likely it was the thought of us naming a 15 without Cooper or Philly in the full back line. That can’t happen surely? Clux will be an extra pair of eyes & ears for Daly & Lowndes if they both start…to keep lines of communication open.

No Brogan, Dermo or Flynner. Changed times.

Hope Mannion picks up where he left off last day. COYBIB!


Huge change when u think about it since last year … Berno , kev , Flynn , Connolly , philly, cooper , mdmc … Maybe 1/2 of them will start today but that’s just a huge turnover … Let’s see if the monster conveyer belt is a reality but I feel this is bringin us back to the pack … Havin said that Gavin wasn’t slow to make changes after drawn AI last year and he was justified so placing a lot of trust in him now also


Indeed we are - at semi stage now


In fairness football in constantly evolving and if you stand still with the same XV every year its when burn out and complacency comes in. One thing about Gavin he’s never selected on reputation and isn’t afraid to drop lads out of form and give youth its chance.

When you think of it from our 2011 win of the XV that started that day only Cluxton, Cian O’Sullivan, Mick Fitzsimons and James McCarthy are due to start tomorrow. Lots of the lads still on the panel but just shows the team has changed year on year and its the only way a committed panel is going for three in row (or seven in a row leinsters) by giving the guys a chance to stake a claim and keep the jersey.

Have to say Darren Daly is a player i hugely admire been around a long time and really only started in the championship this year I think. Dont want to put the mockers on hime but a lad who has never let Dublin down in any thing he’s down. Many would argue there may be better players but the likes of hime fit and in form is hard to drop.

There is savage competition for places and I always think the subs bench selection can be very interesting to see who is knocking on the door.

Hope everyone enjoys the day UP THE DUBS !


Why don’t you just piss off permanently . You’ve nothing to offer here except endless jibes .
We have plenty of other good contributors from other counties . You’ve nothing to offer here
Honestly kildare are the most bitter set of fans in the country . Plenty of cash , huge population and a great club scene . And you blame everyone else for your own shortcomings .


Massive confidence I kildare and if the dubs line up as selected they have a real chance. IMO there are a lot of unknown about the team. The full back and half forward li as look vulnerable. I am a bit worried


I’m concerned as well but if the young guys come through we are well set then


I’m not concerned because Gavin will empty his bench if needed. I still don’t think that team will start. The forwards are in transition but the defense is solid imo.


Heading off now, I’m a little nervous as thr team on paper is not as strong with what we are used to , but teams evolve and new players put there hand up and grab thr jersey wishing the team the best of luck and a win by 7.


Guess given the natural and understood decline of some of the stalwarts he might as well give the young lads the opportunity now … If they come thru as Bart says we are well set … I have been concerned about our lack of pace caused by the " process " and think teams had dat fully sussed … I wonder is this selection an indication that we will have / see more direct football at pace ?


Did not see Kildare M**** game so take your point. We should make them go long or down the wings as we are stronger defensively in those areas.

Our Achilles heel has been runs up the gut. Scully and Ciaran might help COS shore up the middle when we are defending.


I’d happily have a few more Ciaran Kilkenny’s in any Dublin team. Name me a county who wouldn’t like Ciaran Kilkenny in their team?


Stevo equals the most amount of championship appearances today and the Dubs win a record 7th Leinster in a row. It’s coronation time.


Great picture.
Two Dublin legends.
And maybe more for the future behind them, fingers crossed.