Leinster SFC Final 2016, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun July 17th @ 4pm


I think the GAA give the winning county more than 26. I forget the actual number, but it’s over 30. So additional squad members, who played champo games that year, but were not in the game day 26 for the AI final, get sorted with medals, without the co board having to cough up for them. If the 30 odd aren’t enough for whoever they want to get one, then they pay the extra for the extra medals.

There was something in the paper about the medal breakdown, when SLH missed out on getting one up in Donegal & he made his displeasure known.


Just thinking, while there is no doubt that football (& hurling!) are very much squad games and every member of the panel plays a part, there are some lads who have 2/3 All Ireland medals who may not even have a half an hour’s C’ship football . How do they keep going? I don’t think I could. There are one or two lads who get little or no game time. How do they stay motivated?? Also Tomás Brady could have had a much more ‘active’ hurling career - yet persists with a bit part role on the football panel. It kind of surprises me that he didn’t revert - even after he won his second medal.


It’s the prestige that’s all. I don’t get it myself after two medals.

And it’s why it’s great to see no dual players at county level at minor anymore so we don’t waste our time developing players who will pick football anyway.


Yeah though somewhat harsh that is the way to go I think.

You are probably right re prestige but surely there comes a point after a long time involved when that too dissipates a little when game time stays at little or none.


Guaranteed game time with the hurlers is all well and good, but perhaps its appeal is somewhat diminished, when your season is over by early July.


Not being funny here but I doubt the lad has played 35 mins after July in the last couple of years anyway.


You’re not being funny? What’s wrong…are you sick? Dodgy pizza or hamburger last night? :hamburger: :pizza:

His over all game time from July to September, could probably be calculated fairly easliy, if either one of us were all that bothered to spend 5 minutes on our Google machine. I’m not, so I’ll guess-timate that its been the odd 5/10 minute cameo appearance, here and there. If even that.

Even if he has seen sod all game time, at least he has the hope, (even if it’s a slim one) of getting the nod from Jim Gavin on game day. Then there is the prospect of being a part of the Dubs football team, that may go down in the history books as the greatest Dublin team of all time.

He has zero hope of any of that happening, that if he is laying on a sun lounger in Torremolinas in July & August.


Thought he was off the panel now??


Still on it, according to this.



I accept that.

But I was just ruminating as to whether there’s a point when a player decides its not worth it - especially when he gets very little game time. Is there a part of those players that think they are not really part of that great team because they may have played little or no Championship minutes in a season.

In Brady’s particular case he is arguably a better hurler than footballer. He has been around for 3 years and not got any kind of sustained Championship run and has seen Ciaran Kilkenny establish himself in the position he might have hoped to get. I wonder does he consider going the Keaney route.


My mistake. Getting confused in my old age…


The only people who possibly answer that with any degree of accuracy are the fringe panelists of the great 1970’s team. I know panels were smaller back than, so we are not comparing like with like. Back then, just to be on the panel, meant that you were probably in with a decent shout to get a game. It’s not the case now.

But only they can say with any degree of accuracy, was it worth it at the time, to be a bench jockey on a legendary Dubs team, instead of going off and doing something else…be it hurling or soccer or whatever. We, on the outside looking in can only speculate on their motivations.

Given that the hurlers have not been able to replicate the success of 2011 and 2013, I know what my opinion is. If the hurlers were in a better place, we probably wouldn’t even be having this conversation, as Brady would have stayed put where he was.

Bryan Cullen and Alan Brogan played little to no role in our 2013 AI win. Mossy Quinn played a limited role in 2011. Did they feel a genuine part of the panel then, or did they feel like they were just hangers on? Given how much talk there is of the importance of A vs B games and behind the scenes leadership of non starting regulars, I wouldn’t be too quick to discount the over all importance of panel members who don’t get the headlines on match day.


But is it all just about winning? Sitting on a bench watching when you could be very actively participating - in arguably the peak years of your career.


Darragh Nelson quit last winter - so over time players do call it a day. I do think however we’ll see less of it.

Younger generation today won’t waste their lives chasing the dragon they’ll never catch - I think that’s pretty clear. They’ll give it a certain amount of time.

Employers don’t care about inter county football anymore. If you’re giving up career promotions to sit on the bench for Dublin - it’s not really worth it in my opinion

I think after 3 years if you haven’t made the break-through - I’d probably wouldn’t ask that player back onto the panel as (injury aside) it’s enough time to break into the team. however it could be argued another reason players hang on is to see if a different manager will pick them.

However a problem with the whole thing is the volume of training expected. Its over the top for the first 20 - never mind the lads who rarely get a run. That’s the GAA’s biggest problem in the next decade as professionalism is on it s way at the current rate


It’s an interesting one - because in a sense Jack and Rory have also (hopefully temporarily) quit - and they were (are) an integral part of the panel. Brady interests me because he would likely be an important part of the hurling set up if he decided to switch and personally I would have thought that would be more fulfilling than his current status… but its his call.


Actively participating in what exactly? A grand total of 3 championship games all year and, a championship season that runs for a mere 2 months?


I would’ve thought what is being discussed is quite clear … but no matter … nothing to add … just throwing out some thoughts there …


No, I get where you are coming from. The chance of participating in and, being a part of something bigger and better than yourself. At the end of the day, it’s not always about medals and winning.

But that is the warm and fuzzy view, looking from the outside in. When you are the one on the ground, making all the sacrifices and doing all the hard work, perhaps decision making is more black and white and more results driven?


The hurling panel did win an NHL, Leinster title and got to an AI Semi final up to 2013. So at that point the sacrifice was probably worth it.

We’ve a younger hurling panel now mostly at college which helps keeps lads interested in a transition phase like the hurlers are at present.

I think it would be a huge struggle with an older panel at present. Lads like Rushe can probably see 2-3 years from now we will have a good team again and are hanging on for that.


Ah yeah agree. But I’d say if he threw his lot in for the next 2/3 seasons he’d be putting in a similar sacrifice/effort than he is now but he’d probably see a lot more game time.

He’d also be good to have!!!