Leinster SFC Final 2016, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun July 17th @ 4pm


Couple of things on the rumour mill.

Heard that James Mc injury is more long term than the camp are acknowledging.Could be a season ending job.
Also heard Jack Mc is back in the country on 18th/19th August. Has been training away overseas himself.
Assuming we are in the semis (I know), wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world to have Jack on the bench, particularly if Eric is up on blocks now also.

Lastly, about two years ago I remember thinking that competition to get into the half back line was nuts. James Mc, Cian, Jack, Small, Lowndes, Brennan, Devereaux and possibly Cooper or Daly.
Now we are down to the bare bones.
Whats story with Nicky Devereaux?


Nicky is not on the panel anymore from what I heard.


Darren Daly has been a bit hard done by. Got the job done in an AI Final - not everyone does.


No secret what the core panel is


if that is still accurate – we’re definitely lighter in defense ( even by numbers)


What age is Aaron Waters? Was he on any of the underage teams?


IT says Eoghan O’Gara has 3 AI’s. Would he have gotten one for last year?


He has a Junior All Ireland from 2008 doesn’t he?


The county board list him as having 3 senior so he must have…



He does, with Mick Fitz, Denis B and Johnny Cooper. Darren Homan was a sub in the final too.


Darren Daly too as far as i recall


Jeeze yeah Vin - definitely was.


The County Board of the winning county can order extra All-Ireland medals to give to those beyond the Matchday 26 and management at their discretion. So yes, he may well have got a medal for last year.


I wonder did they get Joey Barton one! :blush:


Indeed Crazy Horse won a Junior in 2008 & scored a point. Not bad considering some of his shooting for the seniors circa 2 to 3 years later!
Denis B’s road from that Jnr All-I to a remarkable, late-starting senior career is well-documented.
Interestingly a certain J. Cooper also won that Jnr medal, scoring two points in the process! :open_mouth:


Anyone know is Adrian Darcy still playing? Last with Plunketts I think. Also look who reffed that final…:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:


Aye Lentini - it was reffed by the most popular Tyrone man in Louth … :anguished:


Fintan Cregg, Frankie Dolan and Derek Moran were all on the Roscommon team


That listing seems a tad generous on the medal front. It has Shane Carthy (Vins) down for two Leinster medals - yet he was tweeting this year how happy he was to have his first. McHugh is down for having an AI, but I am not sure he made the 26 any day last year.

I am not knocking it mind - better to err on that side of things, then the other side.


And one other thing, the ref that day, the bould M. Sludden :grimacing:


Interesting point. Do you have to “make the 26” to get a medal? In the past, I know that while the GAA gave out 26 winners medals, the winning County Board would meet the cost of additional winner’s medals to ensure that the entire squad got one at the end of year presentation.

While I don’t know for sure if this is still the policy, given the importance of a strong & united squad I’d be very surprised it that policy doesn’t continue.