Leinster SFC Final 2016, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun July 17th @ 4pm


This post shows beyond gan dabht you haven’t got a serious argument. Which is fine. But really, all about the opposition, nothing about how things have changed, changed utterly, and it isn’t to a terrible beauty


I agree.

I don’t think much has really changed in the last year tbh regarding the opposition.

People talking about the opposition players not able for it pace wise etc… But there’s still question marks about a few of our rookies in Davey Byrne, Small, Con O’Callaghan (who seems to be ahead of Costello) in the heat of a serious battle of a semi final/ final.

Still a lot of football to be played and we are the team to beat all right but if we lose another key man or two it’s going to be very difficult.


It’s a black whatever, or should of been a black. He dragged him to the ground. Doesn’t matter when or where it’s a black. Linesman was looking straight at it, was his call and a poor one. If a player is running off the ball and pulled down it’s also a black. He can have the ball or not


Tried telling him that. You might have better luck :grinning:


Wouldn’t agree. MDMA is a former footballer of the year. Bastic had an Indian Summer too. It just that we’ve never used O Conghaile or Carthy much with their powers waning somewhat leaving Fento as the man with no obvious partner


Maybe so, but Fenton was a complete surprise last year. Maybe just maybe young carthy or EOC can do the same if they are chucked into at the deep end, for me I think Bastic needs to start before MDMA. The 12 million dollar question is how long can Bastic last. But he balances out the midfield and looses the ball all far less imo.


Hold on a second there Al. I have been asking for ages on here where this ‘great team’ is out there that will beat us. No one has really been forthcoming. So I gave my summation. It’s not about the Dubs. I am well aware that we are down two men and if we lose another it’s all over according to some.

So how about we park Dublin for a while and maybe people can tell us all the strengths of the opposition … and maybe weaknesses … if there are any …


Jaysus, how many do we have to lose to make it very difficult? Great full-back, player of the year half-back, and the best other back we have bar COS, is that not enough? If it was another team, another county, with the same players, what would we be saying?


I answered that but you obviously didn’t have the attention span to read the post. And you’re still at the black-and-white stuff, anyone not completely going along with your view is completely the opposite. “Lose another and it’s all over”? Only one poster here that I’ve seen come close to saying that so there’s alot of assumptions on your part.

A discussion is about teasing out facts & opinions, not one person saying “it’s completely or absolutely this/it’s not completely or absolutely that that”. I’m going to post you a small lock of my fast-greying hair (started near the beginning of the mind-numbing black card discussion, also helped by the annual season ticket debate), to help you find the middle ground a bit more


Who’s said we’ve lost Jamesy yet?

We’ve only lost two definitely so far, we are lucky that we are a good bit ahead of other teams that hopefully we can get away with the loss of Rory and Jack. Only time will tell is we will or not.


On the other contenders in terms of performances to date ;

Kerry are widely regarded as the greatest danger . I think fitzmaurice has failed to address the issues that have dogged them for a couple of years . They have looked ponderous and vulnerable at times this year and I just can’t see where the surge is going to come from . Our half back line is better than theirs with James fit and I have heard nothing to suggest he won’t be at the semi final stage .

Tyrone are looking organised and play with pace and intent . The huge caveat here is the goals they conceded to Cavan and the fact they have been operating at division 2 level . I’ve liked some of what I’ve seen of them but I think comparisons to the team of the noughties are fanciful and currently baseless .

Mayo have been limp in every match I’ve watched them this year . Again we seem to be very critical of the nature of dublins performances and have an expectation that the other contenders are just about to click .

On Dublin I think Small is an excellent player . I believe McCarthy will feature again this year and I think davey byrne has been solid. ROC is a huge loss no question . Bastick is a year older and MDMA has yet to fire . I still believe our half forward and half back lines are the best in the country and our full forward line is not too shabby . Are we beatable ? Absolutely ! With or without the lads who have departed . The media makes many broad unsubstantiated statements about this team and their invulnerability and people buy into it . Beatable in my opinion but not as beatable as the other main contenders .


Would agree with that, but I suppose it is natural for us to analyze ours and be critical rather than take comfort from the fact that the others also seem to have problems. I think the general feeling is that if all counties were firing on all cylinders we would win, so in a way we feel it is ours to lose and we are kinda looking at where and why we can lose.
Make no mistake about it, if we don`t win we will be saying "Well it was a big ask, missing two top players, a few lads off form, almost imposible to do back to back etc " In a nutshell we will be saying it was down to us rather than the team that beats us.


And that is how I feel in a nutshell . There is nothing more frustrating than losing when you are the best team in the country . Every missed opportunity is magnified by our current superiority and our years of not hitting the mark between 95-2011.
Have to keep the jackboot on Kerry’s throat .


The thing about sport is that the best team does not always win, but you only really hear about it when they lose, I mean does anybody really think Kerry were the best team in 2014 or Portugal was the best team in the Euros, but they wont be saying ah well we shouldn`t have won. France will be kicking themselves they let that slip, in the same way as we were in 2014, not because we lost that one game, but more because deep down we knew we were better than the rest, Berno said later that it took him ages to get over it.


Your half back line comment is predicated on Mc Carthy being fit. if he’s not fit - Dublin’s half back line is only about 4th best out there. So that’s the caveat


Winning an All-I without being the best team is the sweetest thing to do. We did it in 2011. Although we proved to be the best team in 2013, it wasn’t until we’d won it.


How can you put numbers on these sort of things, I mean if you say without him it may not be the best half back line in the country is one thing, but to come with a classification and place them 4th is another, I mean how do you actually calculate that, first of all we have only played one game without him so you dont know what the half back line will be, secondly we have yet to play serious opposition and we dont know how those that are picked will play and thirdly we have not seen enough of the opposition to know how they are going.
We all know we have lost one top half back for sure and we may lose another and that is a serious blow, we also know we have in John Small and Cian O Sullivan two very serious players, I know Small is inexperienced, but we can only judge him on what we have seen and that has been good and after that we really don`t know who will get the third spot, it could be a number of players.


Have resisted saying anything because Bart always thought I was just having a go, nothing to do with us never agreeing on anything. This though, has to be the most ludicrous statement yet, only about 4th best! How in the name of jaysus do you come up with something like that??

Since the new site the lone ranger seems to have upped his game!


A half back line of Lowndes -Cian-Small isn’t better then Tyrone, Mayo or Donegal’s similar lines in my opinion

You’re losing two of the best wing backs of the modern era in Mc Carthy and Mc Caffrey. Are we really that naïve that we think our bench is that strong? I seem to recall 2014 the talk was similar


It was aye. And in 2013 and 2015. :wink: