Leinster SFC Final 2016, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun July 17th @ 4pm


Question : would it be undermining to the squad if Jack McCaffrey was reintroduced ?


OK, going by that logic, if you punch / kick someone when the ball is out of play = yellow for rough play!!! :confused: The rule is black and white in the sense that no reference is made to whether the ball is in play or not. Therefore it makes no difference and a player could be issued one before the start of the game, at half time, after the final whistle as well as during the game.


I thought the black card was to reduce cynical/professional fouls, which logically to me means when the ball is in play. If that’s not in the rule-book, it ought to be?

If you punch/strike someone, where the ball is in play or not is neither here nor there. Connolly was sailing close to the wind and couldn’t really have complained if he’d got the line.


I like Small a lot, think he has serious potential at 6 as well. But he does not create the same problems for the oppositions defence as a McCaffrey or McCarthy. Also he is not the greatest under a long kick out. Westmeath seemed to target him until the No. 12 got injured.

Maybe undermining Lowndes & Daly but I am sure the majority of the squad would be happy to see him back around.
I am not sure Gavin would do it anyway, I know I would have a good hard think about getting him down training to see where he is fitness wise anyway.


The point I’m making re punch / strike someone in play or not is that it makes no difference. It is the same rule regardless, and the same applies to the black card.

The word cynical does not appear in the rule. Yes, that’s what it was introduced for, but the rule has to be applied as is, not what it could / should be. Should it be changed to include this, my opinion (for what little it’s worth) is no. Players are aware of it and should suffer the consequences.


fair enough, if it is not in the rulebook - then he should definitely got the line yea - did two people disagree initially and then agree after and online conversation? unheard of!


But if someone is trying to take a quick kick out or free or sideline and a guy makes a run for him and is pulled down what happens then?


he gets a gentle tickle in the bollicks and told to stop acting the maggot!

(good point).


A black card. Tickle in the bollicks is an optional extra :laughing:

Any deliberate pull down of an opponent, anywhere on the pitch, at any time, for whatever reason is a black card.


Unless you’re Aido … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now all we have to do is get people (including some refs, supporters, pundits,) to understand what the rule actually is and then, maybe, people might realise that the black card is not as bad as once thought - not perfect but going in the right direction. :smirk:


Things are evening up by the day. I’d push Cooper to wing back and bring in Fitz or Butsy to the full back line. We will have lost two of our best auxiliary attacking options against a top team if James is now gone for a month or so.

It would be a phenomenal achievement to absorb that much weakening. I can’t see it though.


Cooper wing back and Fitz in the full back line for me.

Would love it if Jack made himself available. At the least, would be a great option off the bench.

Big decision as to who of the 6 starting forwards loses out to make way for Andrews, who, for me, has to start.


Unfortunately, you would have to think that it would KevMc :unamused:


If we get out of this it’s up there with 1983 , BTW that’s 25 games unbeaten, but who’s counting :grin::grin::grin:


If McCarthy is out it’s a game changer. Terrible blow for him personally as he was playing superbly, and for us as I feel he was marked out for manmarking duties later on. There is no way any team worth their salt won’t attack us now we are down that three.

Add in an uncertain or indifferent midfield and it looks interesting to say the least. Big challenge ahead.

Re a forward missing out for Andrews it must be Kev if that is the case. Unfortunate certainly but equally certain to be him.

Unless we made the change that is screaming out which is Flynn to midfield, that would accommodate them all and solidify the middle. (Watched the Sunday Game highlights and MacAuley looked off it, big time.)


Ideally, the team I would be looking at now is:

Philly Fitz Byrne
Cooper Cian Small
Fenton Flynn
AN Other Connolly Kilkenny
Rock Andrews Bernard

Where is Tomás Brady in the pecking order? Do we start Bastick and hope for a repeat performance of the AI semi final from MDMA?

Make no mistake, there is plenty of food for thought for Gavin and his selectors now


Yeah that’s not too bad in paper. I think Rock would be fine at HF and leave Kev in the FF line with Paddy and BB. Rock has been superb all year long and his seriously improved his ball winning and ball retention ability. Some of his long range point taking has been extraordinary too. Doesn’t get the credit he deserves


Most improved player on the Dublin panel this year but he’s not a working HF like Flynn & Kilkenny are so we would be leaving ourselves short on that front.


If Rock was placed at 11 with Kilkenny and Dermo either side I think it would work.

Personally I don’t think Gavin will play Flynn at midfield. I reckon he will persevere with MDMA and bring Bastic in. Especially if McCarthy is out, we need as many good aerial options from kickouts as possible.

I would love to see the next few in house games, it wouldn’t surprise me if Kilkenny is at 5 in a couple of them.