Leinster Senior Football Championship 2019


It’s not surprising that the semi final attendances were down this year. If you were a Tyrone supporter for instance, how many matches would you have had to fork out for before you reached that stage? include the other expenses you would incur for each game and it all adds up. I’m not sure most folk would be able to afford going to all the games. The other thing I can understand is some supporters of teams drawn against us probably don’t want to pay to see their team get a tanking.


You hit the nail on the head.

The Super 8s were expensive for a lot of Tyrone fans…something like 10 games to the final.

Come the semi…a lot of fans were feeling the pinch.

Also I don’t think there was enough time between the Donegal game (last game in Super 8s)…and the semi with Monaghan for the hype to build up.


Leinster is a foregone conclusion , , ,Dublin won’t be beaten


Tyrone v Derry in the UFC preliminary.

Tyrone & Donegal on other side of draw from Monaghan.

Monaghan denied Tyrone the 3 in a row last year. Would be a tasty final If those 2 meet in the final. But Derry and Donegal no love for Tyrone either.

So who’s up for a thread on the Ulster c’ship?? Anyone, please?


Great opportunity though for Jim G to play more fringe players and give some of the older players a rest.

You’d think Leinster would be perfect for fringe players such as O’Gara and Costello (who’d walk into most other teams).

That’s my criticism of MH…playing the likes of Mattie D and Peter H in the McKenna Cup, when they should be re-charging the batteries.


So Gaelic football has to be inspiring now … huh … :joy:


That’ll be the next thing, they’ll bring back knock-out from the first round of championship with a national open-draw so we might get caught out.

Leinster championship is not the issue, no more than any provincial championship. It just happens that Dublin have an all-time great team/era.
Win next year’s Leinster and I think it means Dublin have broken the record for longest winning run in any provincial championship? Either way what that tells you is that something like this has happened before and will happen again.


There’s medication that can help…


And other arseholes like him hadn’t a problem / care , when we were winnin ■■■■ all , All -Irelands. Its alright for other counties to dominate Hurlin /Football but when it comes to the Dubs , its ah this isn’t right and down with that sort of thing, we better change the rules. wankers


Something croke park seriously overlooked was the timing of matches. Traditionally the quarter finals around the August bank holiday had a lot less in attendance due to people being away on holidays. The semi finals were on at this time this year. I know more time has been created for clubs but giving away 3rd Sunday in September is a huge mistake in my opinion.


Yer semi v Galway had as much to do with Galway fans pathetic following of their team.

In fairness Dublin fans are a cash cow for the GAA…we are probably second on the list…we got knocked out early last year which probably skewed attendance. For example if it was Dublin v Mayo in the semi it would have been a sell out


Mayo v Dublin at 6pm on a balmy Saturday evening Super 8 in Castlebar would be some occasion.


Sure you would hardly be able to see the game with all the GPS’s flying and expert analysers swarming


Would be a great occasion to get Dublin to Castlebar for a super 8 game…IF we were to be drawn in the same group though I think the GAA would make sure that game was in Croker to maximize €€


you’d probably get 2 or 3 hundred mayo fans, but castlebar couldn’t handle 30 thousand Dubs on tour


Huh? Ye can accuse us of a lot of things but bad or lack of support isn’t one of those.


ok then well maybe 40 thousand Dubs and thirty or forty mayo fans


If no one else is gonna say it, blueback, you’re going on like an eejit here and are on other threads, give it a rest. Seem to have a big problem with Mayo…


Well said. Don’t feel there is any need to run down mayo fans but especially since I think there are few counties with as sizable a hard core genuine support relative to their population. I think by % population, they’re better than any one.


ah jaysus that’s lovely