Leinster Senior Football Championship 2019


There are a huge amount of turn overs in the game today, dispossesing the man on the ball is an art in itself. Cluxton finding his man from 50 yards is much more of an art than just kicking it down the middle and see who can jump higher.


So was Leinster pre-2011 but no team had a hope of an All-Ire


Leinster is no worse than any other province - only that Dublin are so dominant. Kildare beat Derry, Fermanagh (Ulster finalists) and Mayo and Meath took All Ireland finalists Tyrone to extra time. Just because other provinces may appear competitive doesn’t mean the standard is higher - it just means more poorer teams playing each other.


Oh boy can’t wait for the media to kick up a fuss that the game won’t be in Drogheda or whatever ground if Louth win.


Oriel Park or nowhere.


Not many go to these games anymore anyway so probably wouldn’t need another ground. I agree Dublin are a great team to watch, but as a fan all my life I get the least enjoyment since ever watching them compete in the Leinster Championship. I’d love competitive games, I’d love us to be losing with 5 minutes to go and win, I’d love that kind of stuff. If that makes me unpatriotic then grand, but this years All Ireland Football Championship was the worst I can remember


Doesn’t make you unpatriotic but I totally disagree with you. Have loved the last few years and long may they continue.

Just for curiosity what age group are ya?


From an attendance and viewing figures point of view the drop off this year has been precipitous. It can’t continue the way it’s going without major consequences. And the rule changes are not the answer.


Born in 1977


you do the maths :grin:


that’s not Dublins fault, Dublin are not responsible for other counties, As the likes of Non Dubs tomas o se or peter canavan and others have said, forget about money forget about population, the same number of players on the pitch , the same number of players on the panel. dedication and commitment , Brian Howard for example said to himself, ■■■■ this, I dont want to be over in Africa on holidays in January with these lads, I want to be with these lads in Croker in September walkin up the steps of the Hogan to receive his Winners medal. Its up to others to step up


58??? No just wondering did you miss all the bad years but you didn’t.

The main thing ‘wrong’ with the game in the vast majority of people’s eyes are that Dublin are winning. We had plenty of years with shitty football (come in Ulster!) and big crowds because it was competitive. Competitive but crap. And you had teams with big support doing well. It will come again when they all catch up with the Dubs. And the football will be better than it ever was.


I didn’t say it was Dublin’s fault. But it is certainly a problem for the GAA.


then why the ■■■■ does everyone blame their problems on Dublin


Because it’s easy.


People keep talki g about The Problem as if it were a foregone that there is a problem, nobody really says what this problem is. As regards attendance, the GAA have added games so it has become more expensive. Maybe they calculate that even with smaller crowds in the super 8s they get more revenue than a one off quarter final. Meaningless games for some counties in the third round is also a factor, 4 of the teams had nothing or little to play for.


With regards the fall in attendance this year - surely that has more to do with the nature of the super-8’s draw this season than anything else.

IMO we could’ve been looking at, ironically, possibly record attendances if, for example, our group had contained Kerry, Mayo and Tyrone. 2 probable full houses in croker with the Dubs V Mayo and Kerry.

Instead we had teams we knew we’d beat handily enough.

The only low attendance that surprised me, at the time, was the Galway match - but, in retrospect, Galway fans didn’t travel for it because of the hurling.


Dublin this year only had 2 knock out games, before the qualfiers they would have had at least 5


Because a certain arsehole in Brazil keeps writing articles suggesting that


The attendance for both semis was poor and viewing figures are down too. I very much doubt we’d be filling Croke Park for a Super 8 game unless some team was to be knocked out if they lost.

It wasn’t very inspiring this year. Likely won’t be next year either.